The Bussiness plan requires all of these and you have to come up with a bussines

The Bussiness plan requires all of these and you have to come up with a bussiness of your choice to write this about.
Value proposition- can you describe what your business does in a single
sentence? You need to able to communicate the value that you provide to your
customers in a simple and direct way
Market need- What problem do you solve for your customers?
Why would they go out shopping for a solution?
Why does your business need to exist? If you’re don’t know, ask potential
customers what they might like about your products or services.
Why would they choose you over other alternatives?
Target market- describe your ideal customer
Be as specific as possible—age, gender, buying
habits; Create market segments for each group
Competition- Who do your customers go to when
they’re not coming to you?
What makes your business and products better
than the rest of the bunch?
Funding needs- all business need some amount of money to get off the
ground, consider how much money you will need and how you’ll use it
Even it you’re starting with your own savings or using credit card debt, best
practice is to plan on you will use the funds until you start making sales
Sales channels- The places where you will sell your product or service; if you
are selling online then your online store is a sales channel; if you have a
physical location then that’s also a sales channel
Marketing activities- how will you market your business? If you’re planning to
pay for advertising make a list of the types of advertising you plan on doing;
keep in mind different target markets may need different types of marketing
Sales channels- Store front, Website, Amazon, E-bay, Facebook, Shopify etc.
Marketing activities- Social media pages, tradeshows, local publications
Budget and sales goals- How will it cost to run your business? What sales
goals are needed for the business to be successful? This is just a broad view
versus the details, what will make the business work financially
Milestones- What are the major tasks needed to get your business going? This
will keep you on track meeting your goals; make sure to assign milestones to
team members so you have accountability
Team- Even if you’re starting off by yourself, write a few quick points about why
you’re the right person to run this business; if you need to hire key people in the
future be sure to list those positions also even though you may not know who
those people are right now

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