Task Title: Reflective Practice Task Type: e-Portfolio- evidence Task Value: 45%

Task Title: Reflective Practice
Task Type: e-Portfolio- evidence
Task Value: 45%
Task Length: Word count is given within each workbook (a maximum word count is given to focus the task and limit what the Marker can review so the maximum of 3,400 words for whole task and of course can be less). The project is about expressing and describing your portfolio (quality) well and not be driven by a word count.
Task Aim/Rationale:
The aim of this assessment is for you to critically reflect on your learning in this course, on your current leadership experience and the development of your approaches and styles as a leader. You will do this by creating a leadership e-Portfolio within PebblePad. The rationale for developing your leadership e-Portfolio is to support you to think reflectively about your leadership capabilities and contributions so that you can plan to continue to develop your competencies and confidence in leadership.
Task Description:
For this task, you need to create an e-Portfolio about Leadership and You. You will create this e-Portfolio by completing a series of workbooks in PebblePad. Each workbook will correspond to the 8 topics listed below:
Leadership Philosophy
Leadership Styles and Strategies
Leadership Competencies
Leadership Experience
Working With and Leading Teams
Leadership Development
In each workbook of your PebbelPad e-Portfolio you will provide evidence of your learning (artefacts) and reflections about these. Evidence or artefacts might include essays that you have written, journal articles that you have read, self –assessment tools you have used, work-related learning and examples of your leadership abilities (to name a few).
Please refer to the attached file ” Leadership Porfolio Insructions from PebblePad” – each section has it’s word limit.
If you need me conduct any sort of assessments or need additional information let me know.

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