Students should review The Belmont Report before completing this assignment. You

Students should review The Belmont Report before completing this assignment. You will use real-life medical case studies to explore the ethical implications of humans in research. You will read all four case studies and brainstorm themes among the studies. You will then answer the following questions for two case studies (only choose two cases) applying elements stated in the Belmont Report where applicable.
Pick two cases from the case study PDF and complete the following questions for EACH of the two case studies you choose.
Summarize the case. What was the purpose of the research?
What good came out of the research? What was the importance of each study?
What things were not fair or are questionable about the research or its process with each case?
Who was involved in each case? Directly? Indirectly?
Was everyone involved fully aware of and did they agree to be part of all aspects of the research?
How did social issues (e.g. poverty, education, religion) influence each case?
What core values (such as ethical principles) were in conflict in each case?
Then, compare and contrast the two cases. What were similar ethical issues in both cases? What were different? What could the researchers have done differently in each case to ensure ethical treatment of humans in research? What roles did cultural competency or understanding (or a lack thereof) play in what happened in the two cases?
Upload your case study assignment via Blackboard in a Word or PDF (preferred) format by May 27, 11:59 PM ET. Use APA citations for any text or materials you use that are not your original thoughts or ideas; include both in-text citations and a bibliography. Edit your writing for grammar, spelling, organization, and clarity. Your assignment should be written using 11-point Arial font and 1-inch margins and should be about 4-6 double-spaced pages (or about 1000-1500ish words), not including references.

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