Strategic Marketing Brief Outlines Follow the prompts in the Outlines below to

Strategic Marketing Brief
Follow the
prompts in the Outlines below to write a paper and create a summary
presentation that discusses the following topics for your product and
company. Note that you do not need to answer the question prompts in the
Outlines below verbatim. The prompts are intended to serve as a guide
for the types of information you should include for each respective
Draft 2
Insights and Segmentation
Product Strategy
Insights and Segmentation
Segment a market to identify the target customer of your company’s product.
three types of primary research do you think would be most effective
for your company’s product and why, and what ethical implications may
exist for the types of primary research you recommend?
Who is the target customer for your company’s product?
What is the value proposition of your company’s product?
Product Strategy
Evaluate the brand equity of your company’s product, and recommend an
ethical development process and life cycle management for your
company’s product.
Describe the brand equity for your
company’s product. What is the differential influence the brand can
impose relative to competing brands?
Discuss the ethical
implications of your company’s product, from development, through use,
and to disposal. What strategic advantage can you develop based upon
these practices?
Draft and share a product positioning statement for your Course Project company. Be sure to include:
the target segment;
the target segment’s unmet need;
the product concept; and
specific points of product differentiation.

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