SCENARIO- “You are a community health nurse doing immunizations at a homeless sh

SCENARIO- “You are a community health nurse doing immunizations at a homeless shelter who encounters a resident with serious environmental health concerns. All three of the resident’s children are asthmatics. From the time the family was forced to seek residence in the shelter, the children–particularly the youngest–have had multiple acute asthma episodes. The shelter manager is unwilling to correct the building’s dust, mold, and inadequate heating problems and has told residents that they will be evicted if they complain to the city about the conditions. There is a waiting list for the shelter, as it is the only one available within the city limits. The mother sees no way out for herself and her children. Anxious and distraught, she asks you for help.”
Citation: Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Enhancing Environmental Health Content in Nursing Practice. (1995). Nursing, health, & environment: Strengthening the relationship to improve the public’s health. National Academies Press.
OVERVIEW- The “have a little” group has a reputation for being ambivalent, yet
some of the most notable revolutionaries in history have come from this
group, including Thomas Jefferson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and
Loretta Ford, who founded the nurse practitioner movement (Catalano,
2019). These individuals came from the working middle class. They
believed that it could be made better, and they “wanted more.” If you
can overcome the fear of change, and risk the status quo, you too can
make great strides in the profession. The “want more” constituents use
their actions as examples of what individuals can accomplish.
Using the scenario provided, create a 1-page plan of action to address the issue as a nurse with the “Want More?” political mindset.
The plan of action should reflect the concerns of this constituency. Include the following:
The constituent should state two specific areas they want to impact and why.
Your response as a politically active nurse should reflect suggestions or solutions to the constituents.
Identify one additional example of an individual that falls within this constituency. How have they impacted healthcare?

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