Scenario to research on: A few weeks after returning from visiting his parents

Scenario to research on: A few weeks after returning from visiting his parents in India, Navin developed a bad cough that persisted for the next three weeks. As he is a heavy smoker, he Over this period, he began to feel weak and lethargic and had trouble sleeping at night due to excessive sweating. He also started to lose weight as he didn’t have much of an appetite. He then began to cough up blood and feel pain in his chest, which prompted him to go see his doctor. Once his doctor heard his symptoms, he took a blood sample for testing based on his and gave Navin a chest X-ray. The doctor also collected a sample of his sputum coughed up from his lungs to perform an acid-fast stain for identification.
Submit a typed, well-constructed (complete sentences, proper grammar) report of not more than three double spaced pages (not including the works cited page).
Your report will answer each of the 6 questions below- make sure you devote at least one paragraph to answering each one FULLY.
1. What microorganism causes this disease? Make sure to give the name of the bacteria in proper binomial nomenclature and discuss any virulence factors or specific traits of this bacteria that influences the disease.
2. What is your diagnosis (i.e. what is the disease), and what specific features within the case were critical to your diagnosis of this disease?
3. How is this disease transmitted?
4. How is the disease treated? Make sure to be specific on types of treatments used and timing of treatment needed.
5. What symptoms might the patient develop if the disease is not treated?
6. What is the PROGNOSIS with treatment? (If you aren’t sure what prognosis means, please ask your instructor.)
This is a research paper so you must read and extract the above information from credible sources. You must:
Indicate the source of information you found in APA formatting, using BOTH a references sections AND in-text citations
Include a reference section with at least 4 citations including at least one published reference and be sure to include comment on the reliability of EACH source (why you think this source is reliable) under each reference in a bibliography at the end of your document. (For help with where to look for these sources, please see information below).
Include in-text and parenthetic citations every time you borrow someone’s idea in the text of your paper and use information from a source, even if you paraphrased it. Be sure to include the publication date, when applicable. Not having in-text or parenthetical citations is an academic honesty violation
2. Do not use direct quotes. In science writing, direct quotes are seldom used.
You need to paraphrase the information in the reference, and supply the citation.
Substantial use of direct quotes or quoting more than one sentence at a time will result in a reduction of points.
Use resources such as microbiology text books, encyclopedias, HCC Library databases (e.g. Pro Quest Biology, Pro Quest Nursing) journals and online medical and government (ie CDC) sites to research these questions.
We highly suggest that you take notes from the sources and THEN write your paper from your notes. This will help you use YOUR OWN WORDS.
Also, be sure to note which information came from which source so that you can properly cite the information in your report.
Your report should be in paragraph form and SHOULD NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS. Each paragraph of your report should answer a different question.
Your report should contain proper grammar and punctuation.
Be sure to italicize Genus and species.
The report should not be longer than 3 pages double-spaced (not including the references page) and should contain AT LEAST 6 paragraphs (one answering each of the questions above).
As you write, be sure to cite EACH sentence that contains information that you found in a source with an in-text citation like this (Author, year).
At the end of the paper, you need to be sure to include a references section that contains all the sources you cited in the body of the paper (at least 4 sources, 1 of which must be a published source).
After each reference, you need to include a reliability comment.
For example, I believe this is a credible source because… it was written by a governmental agency and was peer-reviewed.

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