Scenario 3: You are a supervisor at a for-profit prison. A recent fight between

Scenario 3: You are a supervisor at a for-profit prison. A recent fight between two inmates is being investigated. The contract with the state mandates a minimum level of inmate/corrections officer ratio that was not in place at the time, which may have helped create an environment in which the inmates felt emboldened. At the most recent staff meeting, the superintendent suggested that the issue of staffing not be addressed in your report on the incident. Staffing was reduced in order to cut costs despite the requirements in the contract. What ethical issues does the use of for profit prisons bring with them that state run prisons do not? What sort of ethical issues are you confronted with as a result of the staff cuts? Can you properly investigate the incident and not address the staff cuts?
Your paper must be:
Three pages in length (not including the cover page and reference page).
Written in Word using APA format. It should include the following:
A cover page.
Assignment written in an APA approved font and size, double spaced, with a thesis statement supported by main points and in-text citations.
A reference page with full APA references for each in-text citation used for support.
Supported by a minimum of three scholarly or professional sources in addition to your textbook and course resources. This support should be evident through in-text citations and the reference page. The CCU library is one place for locating these resources:

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