Read the “Maid to Order,” “America’s Dirty Work,” “Just Another Job” and answe

Read the “Maid to Order,” “America’s Dirty Work,” “Just Another Job” and answer at least TWO of the questions below. Answer must be 150 words each no less than.
According to Ehrenreich the outsourcing of housework to cleaning industries that hire the migrant women workers makes the “global inequalities that so painfully divide the world” even more visible, raising moral questions, since the inequalities are played out right in the home-space (102). “Why should housework, among all other goods and services we consume, arouse any special angst (anxiety)?” (101).
How does the modern day slavery look like, according to the article “America’s Dirty Jobs” by Zarembka, and how can our society help the abused and exploited global women workers? Also give examples of some of the solutions.
The trend toward outsourcing the work of the home seems, at the moment, unstoppable. New service firms that take care of people’s pets to buying groceries to attending plumbing needs are available. This is also creating a class of young people who “do not know” how to pick up after themselves. As the author says, “The American over-class (upper class) is raising a generation of young people who will, without constant assistance, suffocate in their own detritus” (100). What do you do about this situation? Is this a result of economic disparity or lack of ethical socialization?
“In an ever more economically unequal world, where so many of the affluent devote their lives to ghostly pursuits like stock trading, image making, and opinion polling, real work, in the old-fashioned sense of labor that engages hand as well as eye, that tires the body and directly alters the physical world tends to vanish from sight. The feminists of my generation tried to bring some of it into the light of day, but, like busy professional women fleeing the house in morning, they left the project unfinished, the debate broken off in mid-sentence, the noble intentions unfulfilled. Sooner or later, someone else will have to finish the job” (103). What do you think of these sentiments?

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