Qualitative Research and Experimental Research Assignment CAHIIM Competency Dom

Qualitative Research and Experimental Research Assignment
CAHIIM Competency Domain III. Informatics Analytics and Data Use 5. Compare research methodologies pertaining to health care
Please answer the following questions.
1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of participant observation, focused interview, and case studies as it relates to healthcare.
2. Examine the following article- https://perspectives.ahima.org/page/opportunities-for-using-health-information-technology-for-elderly-care-in-the-emergency-departments-a-qualitative-study (Links to an external site.)and give your opinion on how to resolve the challenges identified in the article.
3. Please identify the types of experimental research.
4. Find a scholarly article that uses one of the above methods (do not use the same article listed above.. Summarize the article. Explain why you agree and disagree with the article. Make sure you list the article name and the website.
5. Do you believe that another method could be used instead? Why or why not?
Your answers must be in Times New Roman and 12-point font.
Your total length of your answers should be at least two full pages. Points will be deducted if it is less than two pages.
It should be in Microsoft Word.
Cite your sources in APA format using in-text citations and in the reference list. Make sure you don’t use direct quotes.
Grammarly will be used for spelling, punctuation, grammar and plagiarism. The plagiarism should be at 20% or less. Points will be deducted if your plagiarism rate is being 21-30%. Anything 31% or over will results in a zero for the paper.

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