Provide a title for your health promotion plan. Provide one short-term goal for

Provide a title for your health promotion plan.
Provide one short-term goal for implementation of your brochure teaching
Provide your Healthy People Topic, Objective, and audience. Mental Health with a focus on First responders with PTSD and suicide
Develop three measurable, time specific learner objectives. Each objective is to include one activity and one measurable outcome. Objectives are to be developed using SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based.
Health Promotion Plan Intervention Instructions:
For the Intervention you will look at health promotion strategies and/or models/theories and apply these to each of the three objectives. You will list objectives (total of three) and then describe primary and secondary prevention strategies for each objective. Provide brief rationale for the strategies/models/theories chosen and be sure to cite and reference your sources.
Note: You are writing strategies at the levels of Primary Prevention & Secondary Prevention level (do not include Tertiary Prevention level strategies)
Health Promotion Plan Evaluation Instructions:
Note: An evaluation measure is based on a particular objective. An evaluation is the appraisal of the effects of activities and/or program interventions. An evaluation is conducted in order to determine the relevance, progress, efficiency, effectiveness & impact of program activities.
Learning Domain
Plan for Each Objective – include timeline
Plan for Evaluation
List each objective separately
For each objective-
Identify if the learning domain
· Create a plan to reflect objectives
· Include strategies at the levels of primary and secondary prevention – for example improve eating habits and increase activity level-if addressing youth then it would be primary
Possible evaluation
· Knowledge conveyed-Respondents’ awareness and understanding of the communication through teach back method
· Identify evidence that supports a connection between content in brochure –verbalized or survey or quiz
*Provide APA formatted References at the bottom of your table as indicated on the template.

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