Please write your responses in a different color than black (any color is fine!

Please write your responses in a different color than black (any color is
Below is a paragraph with a few APA style errors in it. Your job is to try to spot as many
errors as you can!
Beth Leon & et al., 2003 conducted a study looking at forewarning and attractiveness.
They found that when it comes to forewarning, those participants who were forewarned showed
less persuasion effect by messages than those who were not warned. If the individual is warned
before another person will impose a position contrary to their own, that period after the
forewarning can be used to rehearse, recall or construct arguments that may support the initial
position and negate arguments that go against that first position. Also, it was exposed that
manipulation of public commitment to the participant’s point of view, is an important
determinant of the forewarning effect (Harrison, Smith, and Jackson, 2020). The higher the
commitment, the more resistance to the persuasion effect can be seen (Smith and Johnson, 2003).
This may help to explain a more complex factor that it may affect the way individuals respond to
any situation.
Find at least three APA style errors in the paragraph above, and provide a correction for that
error. (1 point)
a. Error 1:
i. Correction:
b. Error 2:
i. Correction:
c. Error 3:
i. Correction
2. Now, create a reference (like you would see on the References page) for the article you
read in your assignment # 3 (Saving the last for best: A positivity bias for end
experiences). Write your reference below
3. Correct the following three references – type in the correct format below each incorrect
reference. Please write your corrected reference in a different color than black (any color
is fine!). 1 point each.
Perfumi, SC., Bagnoli, F, Caudek, C, and Guazzini, A. (April, 2019). Deindividuation effects on
normative and informational social influence within computer-mediated-communication.
Pages 230-237. Computers in Human Behavior, 92,
P. Kundu & D. D. Cummins. Morality and conformity: The Asch paradigm applied to moral
decisions. Social Influence, 8(4), 268-279. (2013). Doi:10.1080/15534510.2012.727767
Kelly, M., Ngo, L., Chituc, V., Huettel, S., and Sinnott-Armstrong, W. (2017). Moral Conformity in
Online Interactions: Rational Justifications Increase Influence of Peer Opinions on Moral
Judgments. Social Influence, 12(2), pp. 57-68.
4. Let’s say you wanted to cite the Perfumi article from question 3 above. Pretend that you wrote
the following sentence about the paper, now give me the correct parenthetical in-text citation for
this journal article (remember, parenthetical references go at the end of the sentence in
parentheses) 1 point
This study found that effortful control during early childhood is associated with internalizing
difficulty in adolescence
5. Now, let’s say you wanted to cite the Kundu article from question 3 above. Pretend that you
wrote the following sentence about the paper, now give me the correct in-text citation within the
sentence (not a parenthetical reference, write the reference in the actual sentence. You may edit
the sentence accordingly). 1 point
high quality student-teacher relationships in early elementary school are important for
6. Now, pretend that you were including the following direct quote from a research paper by
Samantha M . Smith, Beth L. Bridges, and Ben B. Lawson in 2019. The journal article is titled,
“Alcohol Placebos Influence the Misinformation Effect”, and you found the quote on page 546. 1
“Subjects were told that the experiment was about alcohol’s influence on preferred learning
modes (visual and verbal)”
7. Create a reference page for the three references you corrected in question 3. Imagine that they
are the only three articles that you cited in your paper. Make sure you include the corrected
version of the references

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