please write one full page address the current situation of Covid-19, and how so

please write one full page address the current situation of Covid-19, and how society was affected in a negative way, Offer one or two solutions on how to get past the fear, anxiety, and lonely separation to return to meaningful and healthy relationships.
below is what the speech will be followed with please write something that will be a similar format and a brief transitional statement to introduce the next speaker on the speech below
I think that social media has increased social isolation. Those who spent 2 hours or more on social media per day had twice the incidences of perceived social isolation than those that only spent a half hour or less on social media per day. Another statistic showed that those who visited social media sites 58 times or more per week had three times the incidences of perceived social isolation compared to those who visited social media sites 9 times or less. The thing that should be bringing people together is diminishing our connection and contact with those around us. It is a vicious cycle however you get into it, it drags you deeper and deeper into feeling alone. Whether you feel alone already, you use social media to pass the time, scrolling through to see what others are doing we start to compare ourselves to their seemingly perfect everything, lowering our self-esteem through comparison. It can also start with being on social media makes you feel alone wanting that life and those connections that you are seeing on your screen. The more screen time we have the less time we have to make those real time connections in person, face to face that we crave as a society. For some who have grown up in this social media era do not develop those intrapersonal social skills to be able to make those connections with others which again, we end up spending that time on social media platforms. I think that we as a society, myself included, need to make more time to be present and make connections, to get out of our comfort zones and get that human-to-human interaction. The more time we have for not only those around us but new connections we make, the more connection and purpose we can feel in our lives.

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