please need to read the ‘PG&E: Fire in Paradise’ case study in pages 270-285 of

please need to read the ‘PG&E: Fire in Paradise’ case study in pages 270-285 of this Case study document – BLAW1002 Assessment 3 Sem 1 2022.pdf
Assessment Questions
Read the PG&E: Fire in Paradise case study and answer the following questions:
1. The following areas of law are relevant to this case study: Corporations Law, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Competition and
Consumer Law, Property Law, Tort Law, Energy Law, Employment Law and Contract Law. With reference to the facts in the case study, describe how three
(3) of these areas would apply to bring justice to those who have been wronged by the conduct of PG&E? (500-600 words)
2. Should the regulators be held accountable for the wildfire incidents? Discuss the role of regulators in this incident and evaluate whether the actions taken
by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) are sufficient in preventing future wildfire incidents. (500-600 words)
3. What is the business structure utilised by PG&E and what are its main features? How does the principle of separate legal existence apply to prevent the
directors, employees and shareholders of PG&E from being personally liable to the victims of the wildfires? (500-600 words)
4. Discuss how the corporate culture at PG&E could have contributed to the Camp Fire tragedy. To what extent do you think weaknesses in risk governance
and risk management were contributing factors to the problems at PG&E? (500-600 words)

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