nclude the name of the source(s) you used to answer the question (you do not nee

nclude the name of the source(s) you used to answer the question (you do not need to provide a full MLA citation, but be sure to say the title of the source, e.g. World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500 textbook pages 100-103 or “Fruit from the Sands ” and Religions Along the Silk Roads.
Question 1st : Why is learning about and understanding the ancient Silk Roads important for understanding the world today?
Qustion 2nd : The Silk Roads were trade routes for ideas and belief systems in addition to physical products. Based on the Silk Roads readings, please explain which idea/belief system and which physical product (one of each) had the most profound impact on the world we live in today. While there is no “right” answer to this question, to receive full credit your response must include one idea/belief system, one product, and an explanation for why you feel each was the most influential.
Question 3rd : How did the Empires of Ghana and Mali become so strong and powerful in the medieval period (i.e. 9th-13th centuries)? Was there anything in the Week 12 video that changed/enhanced your understanding of Mansa Musa of Mali based on the reading and class materials from Week 12?
Question 4th:What factors explain the increasing trade and interaction between various parts of the world during the 1000-1500 CE time period? Who was making these journeys and why? What were the results? Please provide at least two examples of different kinds of people involved in cross-cultural interactions (from sources we used in class) and discuss the results of their actions.

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