Instructions In the next few modules, you will interview (face-to-face, email, S

In the next few modules, you will interview (face-to-face, email, Skype, or on the phone) someone in a nonprofit or government agency who is familiar with his or her agency’s strategic plan and the current issues in the agency. In preparation for this interview, develop questions that address the following specific to the agency:
The relationship between personnel issues, capacity building, and funding
The agency’s knowledge of current trends in human services for meeting the needs of individuals, families, and the community, and how the agency is meeting those trends
The role of the board of directors
Specific examples in which the nonprofit agency adheres to legal and ethical human services standards in its decision-making processes for budgeting and/or funding
Submit your interview questions to your instructor for grading.
After submitting your interview questions in this module, you will conduct your interview during Module Five. Please make sure that your interviewee is available. All interviews should be completed before Module Six, as you will have to share the results of your interview in the discussion in that module.
NOTE: Remember to use the Interview Consent Form Word Document to obtain formal consent from the interviewee prior to the interview. The form is located in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.
For additional details, please refer to the Nonprofit Agency Interview Questions Activity Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.

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