Instructions: Provide the following 1) initial post in response to the discussio

Instructions: Provide the following 1) initial post in response to the discussion prompt (see bottom of page), 2) response to at least one of your classmates, and 3) feedback on at least one of your classmates’ initial post.
Your initial post needs to be at least 1-2 paragraphs and it needs to address each of the required items listed in the instructions. Your response and feedback post can be written as a single post to the same student. However, please differentiate your response from your feedback.
Providing a response is the part of the process that makes the discussion a discussion – conversation among you and your classmates. Help to continue the conversation. Read your classmates’ discussion posts and consider the following:
How are they similar or different from your response to the question or topic?
How can your classmates improve their initial discussion post?
Could they have provided more detail, better explanations, and/or references to support their argument?
Make sure your response adds to the conversation with additional content, points of view, or discussion.
Provide feedback to at least one student’s post in your group.
Make sure the feedback you provide gives specific examples of how their initial post could be improved.
Confidentiality: Open and candid discussions are strongly encouraged. Because of the exchange of sensitive and sometimes personal matters, you MUST NOT discuss a classmate’s personal information with others outside of class.
Grading: Each discussion post is worth 1 point and each discussion response and feedback post is worth 1 point. Although this may not seem like many points, they do add up and can make the difference between an A and a B on your final grade.
Find a current event (e.g., newspaper, online article, news report) or advertisement (e.g., magazine or Internet ad) that displays the concept of gender roles.
Describe the gender roles that are present in this piece. How are they depicted?
Please explain the possible repercussions to women’s health and/or impact on women’s well-being?
Include the link to the source for your current event/advertisement in your response.

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