In this activity, unlike in other discussions requiring you to respond to two pe

In this activity, unlike in other discussions requiring you to respond to two peers, you will be reviewing only one peer’s writing plan. The topics and viewpoints presented in your peers’ writing plans do not necessarily reflect the views of SNHU. Because SNHU values academic freedom, a range of topics relevant to the assignment prompt are explored in this class. Please note that you are not assigned to comment on a specific peer’s work. If you are uncomfortable commenting on a particular topic, please select a different post that you feel comfortable responding to.
Exploring persuasive topics can often mean investigating opinions and ideas that are different from your own. Remember to remain thoughtful and respectful towards your peers and instructor in your discussion post and replies.
Now that you have finished watching a video on the peer review process, let us put what you learned into practice! For this activity, you will use discussion prompts to help review one of your peer’s submissions of Project One: Writing Plan. Your review will focus specifically on your peer’s main argument, potential challenges, and integration of evidence. As stated in the video, it is important to be honest and thorough during the peer review process. Your job is to help your peer determine how clear their intended argument is and how well the sources they have found support that argument.
Peer 1 Writing Plan Post
Hello everyone,
Hope you al enjoy, thank you!
The argument I chose to address for my persuasive essay comes from the article Pedagogy and Evaluation: The Challenge for Business and Management Degree Courses in the 21st Century, the argument is based on the curiosity of wondering how the effect of innovation could be measured or assessed with online learning. This relates to my major because the structure of the degree, subjects being covered, teaching methods used and the whole student learning experience all tie in with the undergraduate Business Management degree, in which I am currently pursuing while being enrolled online. This topic has two debating sides, some arguing that being enrolled online is not as beneficial as traditionally going to school and others who feel that being able to be enrolled online has been very beneficial unlike traditionally going to school.
The audience I am writing to is Business Management Teams worldwide. I think the possible challenges I could encounter while trying to support my argument to the Business Management Teams are that they would be more prone to hire an individual who has physically attended college, rather than an individual who has virtually attended college.
One goal I would like to accomplish with this essay is to try and help others understand that whether an individual graduates being a virtual student, or from a campus classroom: everything is still the same on the grade/percentage scale and every student needs the same grade/percentage to pass their classes and graduate with their chosen degree. In order to support my goal my essay needs to be structured, detailed and well written including both sides of the argument and why I support the side I have chosen.
There are three key points that can help support my argument and the first is my claim. I want Business Management Teams worldwide to welcome all fitting applicants in for an interview, not just the ones who studied traditionally vs. the ones who studied online. The second key point would be my reason, and my reason for wanting to present my claim to Business Management Teams worldwide is because of a lot of people getting turned away from a job due to choosing to pursue their degree online vs. doing it traditionally. The last key point would be my evidence, to get Business Management Teams worldwide to consider my recommendations I must first supply them with my evidence which consists of a number of supporting documents including proof of only a slight difference between both Online, and traditional grades.
I have discovered two resources that will be very helpful when trying to gather evidence, build my claim and help educate me on things I may not know. The first one is an article written by Ann Brown & Martin Rich, titled Pedagogy and Evaluation: The Challenge for Business and Management Degree Courses in the 21st Century. This resource can reinforce my argument by helping me better understand the opposing side. The next is an article called Online Learning vs. In Person Classes – What’s Better? Written by Emma, this resource can help reinforce my argument by having the evidence I need to help support my claim.
I plan to effectively integrate evidence in my essay by quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing. I will make sure to list examples, detailed processes, convey my opinion, build my argument, and use clear concise language all while doing so. I will be sure to give credit where credit is due by using a citation for each source when necessary.
My instructor’s feedback on previous assignments has influenced my progress moving forward by helping me point out the areas I need to focus more on and the areas that are doing well. I made changes to the argument, key points, and evidence sections of my paper to help expand my knowledge and also build a more strong, solid argument.
Peer 2 Writing Plan Post
The argument I’m trying to make in the essay is that cursing is acceptable in writing a project (such as books, essays and articles). The reason I picked this topic is because I plan on becoming a romance writer and I’m taking classes in writing.
A. This topic is hugely debatable. The 2 main sides of the argument are that cursing is an acceptable form of expression and cursing is offensive.
2) The main audience I’m writing this for is other writers.
A. The main challenge I will face is that not cursing is the way it’s been done for so long and most people don’t like change. Some of the other challenges I might face is the main argument that cursing is offensive and only uneducated people do it.
3) To accomplish my goal of getting people on board with cursing is to explain how many ways you can express yourself with just one word or when in shock a string of words.
4) My 3 Key points are:
A. Cursing is therapeutic
B. You can find a word to express yourself no matter how you feel by cursing
C. Cursing is common in today’s society
A. The Case for Cursing by Kristin Wong
B. Editors & Publisher by John McPhee
I. In my first source it will help me in my case by pointing out the
different uses for cursing and why it can be therapeutic.
II. In my second source it points out how behind the times or limiting censorship can be
6) I plan on using quotation and paraphrasing from my sources to back up my claim.
7) To be honest the instructors feedback made me want to try harder but I’m honestly not sure, I’m understanding these assignments

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