In the past weeks we discussed four different types of social institutions: gove

In the past weeks we discussed four different types of social institutions: government, education, family, and economy. Please choose one social institution to conduct the sociological analysis of this institution. The goal of this project is to analyze the impact of this institution on our lives and to learn the lessons from the past to be able to move forward creating new lives in the future. Please research how our lives have been affected by this institution. Analyze the norms, sanctions, and values that are present within this social institution.
In addition, choose one country that has an opposite/different type of social institution that you have chosen. For example, if you chose government, since we are democratic country, you can choose a totalitarian country or any other type of government (excluding democratic governments). Research how this social institution affects people in this specific country? How norms, sanctions, and policies affect people in this specific country.
Some ideas to consider: How did the families/ government/economy/ education impact your life? How would you evaluate any policies that have impacted social institutions: family, economy, education?
Depending on the type of institution you will choose, begin reading the specific chapter first and then conduct your analysis.
Your sociological analysis can be formed using a creative method of delivery such as a video, podcast, detailed PowerPoint / Prezi Presentation, research paper, or your own idea of presentation (approved by me).

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