I just need the power point put together, i can do the voice over and add it. As

I just need the power point put together, i can do the voice over and add it.
Assignment Overview
For this week’s assignment you will create a slideshow containing a minimum of 16 content slides—including title, introductory, conclusion, and reference slides—with accompanying spoken narration that presents your selected case showcasing the course competencies you achieved, and highlights your research and writing in this course. This presentation will comprise a synthesis of the two project components from Weeks 3 and 6.
Assignment Instructions
In this assignment, imagine that you are presenting the case you selected to a live audience of professionals or paraprofessionals. You will create a slideshow with accompanying spoken narration that showcases the case study that you chose and each of the elements you explored on the case. In your presentation you will include:
A brief synopsis of the case.
Theories to support understanding of the case.
Ethics on the case and the cultural competency skills needed to proceed ethically in the case.
Empirical research findings to support understanding of the case, and to support the actions that you selected for the professionals in the case. Include a discussion of the research methods.
Present the actionable solutions you are recommending that the professionals (Chelsea and school personnel, Hannah and school personnel, or Dr. Bhandari and staff take to help the person in the case (Chen, Adara, or Elena). Explain how what you learned from these areas of theory, research, cultural competence, and ethics can guide the professional behavior of the professionals in the case, and your own future professional behavior (for this part you can use first person as you think about your own professional behavior).
Through this work, you are demonstrating the course competencies that you have achieved in this course. This presentation will comprise a synthesis of the project components from weeks 3 and 6.
As you begin to review the requirements for this assignment, make sure you have the final versions of the following:
Cultural Competency and Research Analysis – Course project part 1 from Week 3.
Ethical Issue and Action Plan – Course project part 2 from Week 6.
Be sure to consider the distinguished levels on the scoring guide to guide you in the amount of detail you will need in the notes section of the slides to meet the requirements for each specific criterion of the presentation. Include fully developed paragraphs in the notes area of your slides (the notes area is just underneath each slide). Most slides will require multiple paragraphs for sufficient detail to meet proficient and distinguished level scoring of criteria.
Slideshow Instructions
You may use PowerPoint to create this slideshow.
For each project component you have completed in this course, create 8–10 slides that provide a high-level explanation or summary. In other words, you should create a minimum of 16 slides, plus a title slide, introduction slides, conclusion slides, and references slides. Use a clear and concise structure.
Title slide: On the first slide, enter:
A brief presentation title.
Your name.
Course number and title.
Capella University.
Instructor’s name.
Introduction slides: Provide an introduction to your presentation that includes a brief overview of the case. Describe what you will be discussing in your presentation.
Content slides: Provide an overview of the Week 3 and Week 6 assignments. Also include a slide that discusses how this project has influenced your thinking about your own professional behaviors.
Conclusion slides: Briefly summarize your presentation. Provide a concise summary about the topics addressed.
Reference slides: List all references cited in your presentation.
Design Considerations
Consider the following when creating the presentation:
Use the PowerPoint Template [PPTX] given in the resources as a starting point, if you like. Replace all text that is within brackets [. . .].
Be sure to cut the number of words on each slide to the bare minimum without losing the meaning. It would be ideal to have no more than six bullet entries on a slide and no more than 10 words per entry. You can always add more slides to cover any given topic.
Be sure to use typefaces that are easy to read.
Do not use different typefaces that are similar in style. However, it is very helpful to use some appropriate contrasts of sizes and weights of type to focus the viewer’s attention on the most important content within each slide.
Consider using pictures and diagrams, in addition to words, to convey relevant information visually. However, minimize the use of decorative elements or effects that distract from meaning.
For any visual material within your presentation that you did not create yourself, cite the source.
For presentations in a professional context:
If you use pictures or diagrams that you did not create yourself, you must seek out, and abide by, applicable copyright restrictions. The online resource Find Free-to-Use Images. can help.
If required by members of your audience, be prepared to make appropriate accommodations.
Use current APA style citations and list references in slides at the end of the presentation. The APA Style and Format resource can help you with this step.
Enhance the design of the presentation to make it more effective, if you wish to do so.
All slides should include presenter notes of what you will say for each slide. Some slides will need more detail than others. You should detail the presenter’s notes to include all of the information you would present to a live audience for each particular slide. You may use information directly from your project components when writing presenter notes. However, entries should be edited so that they are written as if you are speaking to an audience or a potential employer, for example. You can utilize the presenter notes when recording the spoken portion of the presentation.
Before you record or present your slideshow for review, make sure you have included the salient points from the final versions of the two previous project components. Remember, this assignment is the compilation and summary of the salient points from those assignments. It is also recommended that you review the Comprehensive Case Presentation Scoring Guide to make sure you have addressed all assignment criteria. Direct any questions about this assignment to your instructor.
Competencies Measured
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment scoring guide criteria:
Competency 1: Apply psychological theory and concepts to individual, organizational, and social issues.
Apply psychological theories and concepts to personal, organizational, and social issues.
Competency 2: Apply empirical research findings to issues in psychology.
Apply empirical research findings to issues in psychology.
Competency 3: Use scientific research methods and findings to address psychological phenomena.
Analyze psychological research findings and the research methods used to support them.
Competency 4: Solve problems in the field of psychology through critical and scientific analysis, and innovative thinking.
Analyze and solve problems in the field of psychology through critical, scientific, and creative thinking.
Competency 5: Evaluate decisions or actions based on cultural competence and ethical principles.
Evaluate decisions or actions based on cultural competence and ethical principles.
Competency 6: Integrate knowledge of psychology with personal values and goals to guide personal, collaborative, and professional behavior.
Integrate knowledge of psychology with personal values and goals to guide personal and professional behavior.
Competency 7: Communicate effectively with diverse recipients in a manner that is consistent with expectations for psychology professionals.
Employ appropriate written, verbal, and visual communication to convey content to an intended audience.
Apply APA style and formatting to written work.

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