for your 2 Dietary analysis assignments from this semester, spend a few minutes

for your 2 Dietary analysis assignments from this semester, spend a few minutes comparing your food and physical activity journal entries as well as your analysis. Once you have done that, please reflect on the assignment and your experience. Please answer the following questions in you reflection. Your reflection should be at least 400 words long.
Compare and contrast your intake of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates. Look at the total calories of each as well as the types of each macromolecules.
What did you notice about your food choices? Did your choices change between the two food journal assignments? Why or why were there not any changes?
What did you learn from this experience? What surprised you? Were you disappointed by any part of the assignment?
Compare and contrast your emotional state between the two dietary assignments.
What choices did you make about physical activity? Please discuss any changes in your physical activity. If you had a third food journal assignment, would it be different or the same? What other observations did you make?
Project Goals (10 points food log, 5 points activity log/calories, 5 points key findings) :
Understand what molecules our foods are made of and how these organic molecules function in your body.
Use evidence from dietary analysis and internet research to hypothesize about deficiencies/toxicities of particular organic molecules in your diet.
Detail and evaluate healthy eating choices and the positive influence of such choices on the human body.
Apply nutrition principles to everyday life decisions.
Reflect on your two food logs and dietary analysis.

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