Distinguish key characteristics across developmental realms associated with vari

Distinguish key characteristics across developmental realms associated with various ages and stages of human growth and development
Examine and critically evaluate both theories and empirical findings in development (from conception through death)
Identify, discuss, compare, and contrast cultural norms and values that influence development at different ages (e.g., childbirth, attachment, child rearing, gender roles, relationship patterns, views of older adulthood, and death and dying)
· Interpret and apply information learned in class to facilitate understanding of the psychological characteristics of the student and others
Observation Explanation:
Please make arrangements to visit a daycare, preschool, or elementary school classroom. You will need to conduct a naturalistic observation, whereby you are observing the behaviors from an outside perspective. You should not directly interact with the subjects being observed. Please take notes of the activities and behaviors you observe. If you are visiting a facility, it is important to get permission in advance of the observation. Let them know you are a Developmental Psychology student and that this is a course requirement. Most facilities are open to educationally based observations. If you are unable to find a facility near you, you are always welcome to visit the Mira Costa Child Care Center at the Oceanside campus.
Assignment Requirements:
After you have completed the observation, please submit a summary of your conclusions. Please take care to link the information gained in the observation or interview to the concepts outlined in the textbook in order to demonstrate your understanding of the material. As with exam essay questions, please be sure to use, underline, and define all relevant terms while also providing a direct example of the concept as it relates to the observations you made. This summary should be 3 to 5 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins. Please attach a copy of your observation notes, and submit with your summary via Blackboard, in accordance with the submission guidelines outlined on Blackboard.

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