Directions For your Lab 5 you will be analyzing nominal data. Given this you wil

For your Lab 5 you will be analyzing nominal
data. Given this you will be using a nonparametric test to analyze the data.
Specifically, you will be doing a chi square test. I have added the data to be used in the file called Lab 5 data.
study was done to investigate differences between training cats and dogs to
dance using two methods of reinforcement. For this lab however, you will be
making a poster presentation instead of writing a paper. There is an example
poster in this module that you can use as a template I have added the file use this file and simply replace the fields with you information. You will be putting in
your information in place of the the information in the poster. YOU NEED 5 SOURCES CITED (in bullets) for
this poster.
Criteria for Grading
Analysis for Lab 5
All labs must have a completed statistical
analysis. Statistic stated and table frequencies.
APA write up for
Lab 5
You must have an introduction to the topic with
5 cited sources, purpose and hypothesis statements.
Title Page in APA
All labs must be in APA format including the
title page.
Reference page
All labs must include a Reference page in APA
How well was the poster constructed. Did it
have all the sections listed in the above rubric. Did it have visuals like
tables, figures, pictures depicting the topic. Was there color.
Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Affection and Food on Cats
and Dogs

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