Behavior Modification Project: Research Paper Assignment Instructions Overview Y

Behavior Modification Project: Research Paper
Assignment Instructions
You will write a 4-6-page, current APA
formatted, research paper that will aid you in the Behavior Modification
Project. You should reference your textbook and at
least 4 additional peer-reviewed journal articles. The research paper
will include a title page, 4-6-page body, and references page. The body of your
research paper will have an introduction, a section on your target behavior, a
section on your treatment method, and a conclusion. You can give section I and section
II appropriate APA titles for your paper. Subsections are optional.
The first
section (the behavior) will focus on peer-reviewed research that others have
already done on your target behavior, or a similar behavior. This behavior must
be a personal behavior you desire to modify in yourself. You are not allowed to
select a behavior to modify in someone else (ex. child’s behavior, spouse
behavior, co-worker behavior) Consider how did previous research studied this
behavior? What treatment did previous research use? Was the treatment
second section of your paper will require you to research the treatment you
intend to use to change your behavior. Choose one of the chapters from your
textbook (Reinforcement, Token Economies, Behavioral Contracts, Using
Punishment: Time-Out and Response Cost, etc.). You also should cite any peer-reviewed
journal articles that focus on your treatment method, or in which the authors
used it to treat their target behavior.
This assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism

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