Any topic which involves an ethical issue. It should include an argument about

Any topic which involves an ethical issue. It should include an argument about the issue, with justifications for your claim. It should also include arguments against your position – i.e., why others might disagree.
Most importantly, the topic should be something that is important to you, something you think matters, or would like to find out more about.
Consider topics you have discussed with others in the past – what is the difference between your position and theirs, and what would you say to change their minds? How would we tell which one of you is right?
Since this is a research paper, be sure to include references – footnotes and bibliography – for all of your citations. Just as you want to know where people are getting the information they pass on to you as true, so you need to tell your readers why your sources are credible.
Whatever style you are most comfortable with is fine. The main thing is that it be clear, so that the reader is able to follow your argument, and does not get distracted by superfluous insertions. Many English classes recommend MLA – that, and anything similar, is fine.
This is to be your own work. Not only is the paper a chance to focus on those things that are important to you as an individual, but a chance to do what all philosophers have had to do: make your beliefs – and the reasons for them – clear and explicit.
1) Healthcare
2) War
3) Abortion
4) Freedom
5) Religion

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