Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences from the article provided in the

Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences from the article provided in the attachment:
For Question 6-7 ONLY —->( Final prompt: It is sometimes argued that the most hardworking people deserve to earn the most money. Explain three distinct arguments against this idea offered by philosophers we have read in this course. Do you agree with these arguments? Why or why not?))
1. What, in your words, is the claim the author is trying to convince us to believe. (Note: a claim is a short sentence that makes a point, such as “birds have wings” or “ice cream is delicious. If your answer has terms like “explores,” “discusses,” etc. in it, it probably is not stating a claim).
2. What in your words are the author’s main reason (or perhaps two or three, but not more) they think we should believe the claim?
3. A thesis for a philosophy paper is usually a claim and a reason, stated as X because y. Can you use your answers to 1 and 2 to state what you think the author’s thesis is?
4. Identify two claims that have to be true in order for the author’s thesis to be true.
5. Identify one weakness in the author’s argument. Is there a place where the author seems to misrepresent the world? Is there a place where she makes an unsubstantiated assertion? Does she draw the wrong conclusion from her evidence at some point? Does she misrepresent the position she is arguing against? (Note that not talking about something you wish they had talked about is not a weakness unless you explain why.)
6. Explain what you think the final paper prompt you have chosen to work on is asking you to do.
7. Find two claims in this reading that are relevant to the question you are answering for your final paper. State them and explain how they are relevant.

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