AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) Critical Thinking Questions 1. What wa

AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)
Critical Thinking Questions
1. What was the cause of this patient’s iron-deficiency anemia?
2. Explain the relationship between anemia and angina.
3. Would you recommend B12 and Folic Acid to this patient? Explain your rationale for
the answer
4. What other questions would you ask to this patient and what would be your rationale for
Case Studies
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Iron-Deficiency Anemia
Critical Thinking Questions
1. What is the relationship between levels of CD4 lymphocytes and the likelihood of
clinical complications from AIDS?
2. Why does the United States Public Health Service recommend monitoring CD4
counts every 3–6 months in patients infected with HIV?
3. This is patient seems to be unaware of his diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. How would you
approach to your patient to inform them about his diagnosis?
4. Is this a reportable disease in Florida? If yes. What is your responsibility as a
answer all questions with a scholarly response using APA and include 2
scholarly references. Answer both case studies on the same document and
upload 1 document to Moodle. The answers must be in your own words with reference to the journal or
book where you found the evidence to your answer. Do not copy-paste or
use past students’ work as all files submitted in this course are
registered and saved in turn it in the program.

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