A. Ford Pinto: Review and consider the ethics involved in a Corporation balancin

A. Ford Pinto: Review and consider the ethics involved in a Corporation balancing the cost of recall compared to the cost of death and injury. See the article Mother Jones 1977 (Links to an external site.). The allegation was that Ford built the Pinto knowing that there was a defect in the gas tank that would cause some significant injuries when the car was rear ended. This is denied by Ford. That Ford balanced the cost of revising the design and recall against the cost of the lawsuits. Do your own research into the facts and prepare a persuasive paper indicating your position on the ethics of how Ford has dealt with this issue.
Assignment: Write a paper with 3-6 pages of content (not included cover page or footnotes) either defending Ford/Merck or criticizing Ford/Merck concerning their ethical decisions. This is to be a paper that presents the facts and persuasive argument to support your position. Do not assume your reader already knows what the issue is and paper is about.
Format: Maintain the basic rule for writing. This may not be a format you are familiar with. Please just follow the directions. Design your paper with a…
Beginning (introduction), This first paragraph should identify to the reader what your thesis is and what you expect to accomplish by the conclusion of the paper.
Middle (content and argument) several paragraphs, and
End (summary or conclusion).
References: The assignment will be in ACS (Links to an external site.) format. Click on this link if you wish a complete description of the ACS (Links to an external site.) format. I expect you to footnote all quotes and material taken from other sources. You will also need a bibliography at the end that include all resources used. Please refer to the link for further guidances on how to format your references.

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