This gives an opportunity for students use the statistical tools and techniques

This gives an opportunity for students use the statistical tools and techniques that acquired through STATA sessions. The paper should involve all stages of the social research methods (mainly data description and Regression Results) including posing research questions; formulating hypothesis; collecting and analyzing data as well as presenting and interpreting the findings. Students should choose the topic independently. You must use numerical variables (at least 3) and at least 40 observations on your Analysis.
The required structure (body) for the project must be as following:
Introduction – You should discuss the importance and relevance of your topic and the contribution of this paper to existed literatures.
Data Description and methodology – The detailed information about sample size, variables, and Hypothesis and Regression equation should be discussed. Explain the ways that you collect your data and provide detailed descriptive statistics of dependent and independent variables. Provide some graphical representations of variables. You need also to construct Confidence Interval for variables.
The Estimation results – In this section, I expect detailed interpretation of regression results. This part is the important part of your paper. Provide intuition for your results and possible reasons for unexpected ones.
Conclusion – Discuss the main results and explain the consistency of your paper with other existed literatures.

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