Safety Presentation PowerPoint assignment: IHI (Institute for Health Improvement

Safety Presentation PowerPoint assignment:
IHI (Institute for Health Improvement) Modules:
complete the Basic Certificate of Completion. (I will complete the certification, if you need to access the
website for more information I have attached my login information here)
You will complete the first set of IHI learning modules in this
module (PS 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 201, 202, and 203). You can also type this website in your search bar.
Use the APSU school email address ( Password:
The purpose of this presentation is to apply what you have learned from completing the IHI Basic Certificate to a safety problem in health care. Using PowerPoint, develop a 15-20 slide presentation that: 1) clearly states a safety issue in nursing and healthcare, 2) what is known about it, 3) the team who should study the problem; and the 4) design of an intervention to study this problem. The problem might be with handoffs, interruptions while preparing/administering medications; look-alike drugs that are placed together; transfer of patients; waiting times in an ED (emergency Department) and any problem that you identify that persistently interferes with the safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and/or patient-centered care. The problem could also be a significant process/practice that is wasteful of time resources and thus effects efficiency and timeliness.
Please follow the Grading criteria below: Please reference the IHI website (Patient Safety content).
Grading Criteria for the Safety Presentation –
Statement of the Problem Problem is clearly and completely described. Includes the population affected, frequency of occurrence, risk posed to patient care
Identifies what aspect of quality care is missing (safe, timely effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered. 10
Background of the problem History of the problem in this setting
Relevant process that is the problem is described
Review of the relevant literature Includes the perspectives of all of the disciplines affected/contributing to the problem
Includes benchmarks-how does the current situation compare to best practices
Includes the patient/and or family’s perspective
Background of team to study this problem
Includes the relevant stakeholders (member of every affected group)
Team includes system leader, member with clinical-technical expertise, day-to-day leader who knows the system and can drive the project.
Rationale for team members selected
Aim Statement
succinct statement of what is to be accomplished
includes “how good, by when, and for whom
Method (plan to study the problem) What will you do?
Strategy is feasible, effective
If strategy is a process, the process includes relevant human science design principles (simple, standardized, uses forcing functions and constraints, redundancies, avoids reliance on memory, takes advantage of habits and patterns, promotes effective team functioning, and only carefully automates.
How the strategy will solve the problem?
Includes consideration of balancing measures- how will this change affect other systems in the organization Measures- how will we know the change is an improvement?
Plan for data collection
How many patients will be studied in the first, second, third cycle? (uses the Five Times (5x) Rule)
· What data will be collected, who will collect data, how often, data sources, what should be included/excluded, analyze data?
What will the data cycles (runs) look like?
Technical Quality of the Presentation
Uses a PowerPoint theme for presentation
Uses transitions between slides
Uses animation
Uses images in presentation
Slides are informative
Includes a reference list in APA format
Presentation is visually appealing
IHI module questions in quizlet:
Patient Safety 101: PS 102, PS 103, PS 104, PS 201
FYI: Just in case you needed some information for PowerPoints.
I am supposed to get certified on IHI Patient Safety modules (PS) 101,102,103,104, and 202.
Quizlet has answers to the questions on the content of these modules.

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