Hi! I need to write an admission essay for a grad school. https://rossieronline.

Hi! I need to write an admission essay for a grad school. https://rossieronline.usc.edu/masters/tesol-online/
The final deadline is July 6, but I would like to have time to review before submission.
Since I have been away from writing things, I forgot how to write essays and am not confident how to start the sentencees.
Would you please help me start writing the essay? I have 4 kids and have to move to Thailand for my husband’s job, therefore I have been overwhelmed by so many things to be done, and cannot really focus on the application. I have a strong passion for it but I don’t know how to put it in an elegant language.
Let me introduce my two jobs: I have being teaching English at an English school for adult Japanese in Kyoto, Japan 3 days a week since April 2018. I have been having a hard time to make the lessons interesting and comprehensive for students, but at the same time, it has been a great joy to be able to see the students progress, to hear their achievements outside Japan and some words of appreciation.
Here is the link of English Buffet https://www.englishbuffet.net/
It has been always my wish to obtain TESOL since I learnd its existance at university, but I could not continue due to my financial situation, my partner’s job in Belgium (at that time online learning did not exist!), and so forth. In the meantime, I got married and had kids, which made it more difficult in terms of time and money. Up until now I haven’t been able to give it up, and finally my husband agreed with me to continue my degree.
I work also as a research assistant (officially administrative assistant) at Division of Cognitive Psychology in Education at the School of Education, Kyoto University.
My main work is administrative, dealing with researchers outside Japan who visit Kyoto Uni, but I also have done a few research works for a professor – I would like to emphasize on the research supporting works I have done which were:
– Evaluating 14-year-old Chinese students’ psychological tests in English. This was to see how sponteneously drawing diagrams could help in understanding and summarizing the story they read. Chinese students were asked to write down anything on a piece of paper while they read an English paragraph and answer to a question only with the paper s/he wrote down (without looking at the English paragraph they were asked to read). I helped evaluating the answers of their diagrams and answers to the question after reading the paragraph. Maybe I don’t need to explain in detail about the experiment. The point is this experiment was to see how diagram could help English learners comprehend English better, and I was very much interested in participating in this research and we could of course conclude that students using diagrams were able to answer the question afterwards better than without. This method would be helpful for improving their comprehension in English in a short time. The instruction of the essay is as written below:
Master of Arts in Teaching—Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Languages (MAT–TESOL) program is committed to equipping teachers to
provide language instruction of the highest quality and demonstrate a
deep commitment to student learning. We also prepare our graduates to
identify and help address opportunity gaps and injustices related to
languages and language learners around the world.
Reflecting on the goals of the MAT-TESOL program
as described above, explain why this program aligns with your personal
and professional goals and values. (500 words or less)
Thank you so much and come back to me anytime to ask any questions.
Best wishes,

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