Assignment: Choose a subject that you know a little about and support what you a

Assignment: Choose a subject that you know a little about and support
what you already know with moderate research consisting of at least 3 sources.
Your Goal: To inform the reader about the chosen topic in
an interesting and engaging way by providing facts, details, and relevant
information without interjecting personal opinion or personal experience.
Informative essays explain or illuminate the topic for the readers for
deeper understanding.
Types of Informative Essays:
Definition Essay: This will take a topic and give detailed information about
it. This could include the history of the Ford Mustang, an explanation of
the term “Cancel Culture,” or explore a specific genre of art or music.
Process Essay: This
will explain how to do something or give tips that will enable a person to
perform a task, such as training a puppy, care for a houseplant, or build a
Cause and Effect Essay: This will show how one thing impacts another such as how the
pandemic has affected people’s buying habits, how having a pet can lower one’s
blood pressure and improve overall health, or how pollution impacts allergies. Opposing Sides Essay: This will take a topic that has two sides and explain each
side equally in a neutral way such as prison reform, climate change, or
defunding the police.
(Note: For this type of essay it is important that you do not take
sides.) Your
essay should include the following:
Clear topic.
Thesis statement that is declarative with
a narrowed subject and sharpened focus.
Distinct introduction that starts with an
engaging hook.
Four distinct body paragraphs—each one
focusing on a different aspect of the topic.
Detailed support in the form of 3 sources
of research (These can all be from Internet).
One direct quote from an expert that
serves to support an aspect of your topic.
Appropriate attributions for quotes used.
MLA formatted Works Cited page listing at
least 3 sources used in essay.
Properly formatted in-text citations in
body of essay.
Adequate paraphrasing of resourced
information that is not a direct quote.
Evidence of awareness and knowledge of
issues related to plagiarism.
Strong conclusion that leaves reader with
a final or parting thought.
Approximately 500 to 700 words (or 2 to 3 typed,
double-spaced pages)
Times New Roman Type face, 12pt. Format: Use MLA format for first page: see textbook, Chapter 28,
page 461, sample MLA paper at end of chapter. Or Google MLA format; there are a
number of You-Tube videos that show you how to format your papers in the MLA
style. PD: I have not choose a topic, writing to whatever seem easier and relatable to you it’s good enough for me. Was thinking a little about or current political spectrum, maybe abortion or voting laws. But any topic it’s fine.

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