OBJECTIVE Development studies is a multidisciplinary field concerned with a rang

Development studies is a multidisciplinary field concerned with a range of social, political and economic issues around the world. In order to expand your understanding of a major issue in international development, in this assignment, you will carry out an analysis of one of those development topics by looking closely at a donor-funded development project.
You will produce an analytic report on a development issue and a related project , addresses the way the project has impacted local populations, communities, or the environment, and evaluate the success or failure of the initiative.
your report should include the following components:
An introduction in which you briefly summarize the nature of the development issue and its significance. Provide brief information about the location and the geopolitical, environmental and/or social context of the issue. You should explain why you picked this topic and why it is of interest to you.
Historical Background
Provide a brief historical background of the issue. What caused this development problem? Who is responsible for it? Is there a colonial or imperial history behind this problem? What sort of populations or communities does it impact? Are there differential impacts? For example, are some groups affected more than others? Does this problem affect men, women and children equally? How does the history of this particular issue relate to the history of the country, region or community? Why does this problem persist?
Identify ONE development intervention or project that addresses this development issue as a case study. Was the intervention led by governments, NGOs, social movements, or private businesses and individuals? Are they partnerships between multiple countries and organizations? What recommendations have these organizations made? What steps have they taken to address this issue? Has the intervention been successful or has it failed to meet its goal? What sort of obstacles have they encountered in addressing this issue? How have the interventions addressed the root causes of this development problem?
4. Conclusion
A conclusion explaining how this assignment deepened your understanding of this development issue. Based on the material we have covered in the course, why do you think this issue is important for development studies? Sum up the main ideas you presented.
Length: 6 pages, do not exceed. (double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, excluding reference list and cover page).
Sources: You must use a minimum of six sources (at least three must be from a scholarly article or book from outside of course assigned readings. This will be discussed in your tutorial), You must also provide proper references (reference list and in-text citations) using APA citation style
Health inequalities in Canada. Why do Indigenous people in Canada face worse health outcomes than non-Indigenous people? (You may choose a particular health issue, such as mental health or chronic disease).

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