This semester includes a practical, real-world application for the class to inve
This semester includes a practical, real-world application for the class to investigate individually. This project enables students to analyze and research a real-world company and issues its faces, management, brainstorm, and develop ideas relating to the use of innovation and new products to maintain brands, customer loyalty, and employee enthusiasm. You will experience the efforts put into developing and implementing a marketing plan. Below you will find several items to help you improve the understanding of the selected company including a reading list, requirements for the project, and mandatory topics to be discussed. This is a significant component of the semester, so please contact me with any questions if you need clarification, research area ideas, etc. Case Format 1. Cover Sheet 2. Executive Summary a. Provide a synopsis of the case analysis and findings. 3. Introduction Follows the Executive Summary, includes highlighting the history of Disney and identifying the current situation the company faces with regards to the brand, their products, and consumer confidence. 4. SWOT 5. Case Analysis a. Thorough coverage of required topics (indicated in the case questions below), including a minimum of 10 citations. You should address the topic areas and look at how these various areas have been addressed (even if challenging) by the Walt Disney Company. REMEMBER – this course is about the integration of Management and Marketing! When you analyze each topic, reflect on solutions, options, successes, and failures based on the impact of both marketing and management. Don’t just take a myopic view and discuss a quick marketing or management band-aid type solution. 6. Discussion and Conclusions a. This section will include proposed solutions(and potential problems ) for successfully guiding Disney into the next decade across business disciplines (marketing strategies, product introductions, operations, and management strategy) to maintain perceptions of innovation, simple solutions to daily problems, and a splash of incredible innovation and creativity. 7. References a. APA format with double spacing between references. In addition, your final project must adhere to the following guidelines: Ten-page minimum, double-spaced; Fifteen-page maximum (not including reference page, charts, and appendices) Arial Font (12 pt.) Ten unique references included in a complete bibliography in APA Format attached at the end of the paper. A title page with date, name and title of the case analysis. Page numbering must be used. Cites for referenced/source material is required within the case analysis. References to source material can be indicated as (Author, Year) after the quote or factual information is cited. OR if the bibliography is numbered, you may indicate the number of the cited article in parentheses, for example (2) which would reflect the second article included in the bibliography. All FACTUAL material and QUOTATIONS must be cited and referenced. Your paper must be spell checked, edited and thoroughly reviewed before you submit it for grading. As a graduate student you are expected to write in a professional manner with no grammatical or spelling errors. Resources to read for help:
Bob Iger On His Post-Disney Future, The “Foresight And Guts” Of Launching Disney+ Before The Pandemic, Disneyland Reopening & More

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