Goals To avoid procrastination, present the best possible representation of your
Goals To avoid procrastination, present the best possible representation of your work, and to aid you in writing, we have two goals for this assignment. One is to have you visit a wonderful and free resource in Canvas called NetTutor. This service looks at your paper and offers advice. You can submit an unlimited amount of times and I have gotten very good reviews on the service by students. You can use it for all your classes! Another goal is for you to offer advice to other students in the class so you will review 2 other drafts. Instructions After revisiting your feedback on last module's assignment by your peers, please ATTACH the following to complete this assignment: An attachment of a rough draft of at least 3 pages, using MLA format, including a separate page for the draft of your work cited page (in MLA format). Note that the works cited page is an additional page and doesn't count toward the page count. Next, send this rough draft to the NetTutor tutoring service ASAP and include a screenshot attachment here. (The tutoring service takes sometimes more than a few business days--don't forget to check and obtain their feedback before your final draft is due!!) You must have those two items as attachments to receive a grade. Submission Go to the NetTutor Locker to retrieve your feedback from a NetTutor. Review the Feedback. You can just send in the one file you get back from the tutor since it will have your rough draft in it and I can grade for both parts that way! Grading I will try to return your draft with feedback in one week or less. You are also going to conduct two peer review sessions on an auto-assigned class member. Please check back under this assignment to conduct a peer review. Resources Revisit the previous page for a NetTutor Orientation.

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