Choose one of the eight issues from either Modules 3 or 4 in your textbook. Then
Choose one of the eight issues from either Modules 3 or 4 in your textbook. Then select either the yes or the no side to focus your paper on. * *I chose the topic "Is there an Ethical Duty to provide Healthcare to Undocumented immigrants?" and "Yes" side** Once you have selected the issue, you will need to select one of the following approaches and utilize it to form your paper (Specify which of the three methods you will be using on the top left header of the paper) A. Agree with and extend the authors ideas B. Agree with the author on some points but disagree on others C. Disagree with the author on one or more main points Your paper should adequately include an introduction, a thesis statement, and a conclusion. Requirements · Only MS word document file is allowed for the submission. PDF or other file formats are not acceptable. · Your paper must be no less than 700 words and must not exceed 800 words. Papers not meeting the word limit will be penalized. · You must use at least 1 outside source other than your book. **The book source uploaded below** · An abstract or author note is not necessary for any papers in this class. · A cover page and Reference page formatted in APA style are necessary. · Be sure to use all sources listed on the reference page. · Your paper must be clearly focused and well-reasoned. · You must use APA style and provide appropriate parenthetical references and a reference sheet. · Use academic writing: appropriate grammar and organizational elements.

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