PERISTENT DEPREEIVE DISORDER (DSYTHYMIA) Conclusion Brief summary of each of the
PERISTENT DEPREEIVE DISORDER (DSYTHYMIA) Conclusion Brief summary of each of the preceding sections of the paper, excluding the introduction Discussion using critical thinking: some appropriate content would include diversity issues, and gaps in knowledge or supports that you've identified Recommendations you would make to someone you know who has been diagnosed with this condition. here are the sections preceding this assignment etiology and trajectory development lived experience treatment other needs Required Elements: We will follow "Student Paper Required Elements" from the APA style guide (7th edition). This means that your paper should include a title page, page numbers, text, and a reference list in APA style. Do not include a running head, author note, or an abstract. Use the student-specific version of the title page. Follow the guidelines for creating an effective title for your paper. 3. Formatting: Your paper should use 11-point Calibri font exclusively. Line spacing, margins, paragraph alignment, and paragraph indentation should follow APA style conventions. Level 1 Headings should be used for the required components of the paper. You have the option to include Level 2 headings if you feel that it better organizes your paper. 4. Writing: 100% of the paper must be written in your own words. This means that no direct quotations are permitted. Whenever you are including content from one of your sources, use an APA style in-text citation and be sure to include your source in your reference list.

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