Methodology Paper (Signature Assignment) – Purpose: To assess the synthesis of k
Methodology Paper (Signature Assignment) – Purpose: To assess the synthesis of key course concepts and the ability to design and implement a statistical analysis plan Chapter III. Methodology. Study Design. Chapter III should begin with the study design, and whether the project will be quantitative, qualitative or a combination. It should be sufficiently detailed to enable others to understand the step-by-step account of what will be done, in what order, how and by whom. Population and Sample. In this section, provide a summary of the sample and the population from which the sample is drawn. A description of their defining characteristics and the procedures used to recruit them should be included. Instrumentation. In this section, describe the *instruments that were obtained or modified for this project. Surveys or questionnaires designed by others should be valid and reliable and credit should be cited for the original authors, as well as any permissions obtained to use the instrument/s. *Please note it is not within the scope of study within the DNP CSP at Brandman University MSNaHP to develop a new questionnaire, survey or other data collection instrument. Data collection. Outline in detail the methods that will be used to collect information. Describe the procedures that will be used to collect the required data from participants. In short, list all activities needed to gather information for the project (including IRB approval and assurance of confidentiality) and describe each activity in enough detail so another competent researcher could duplicate the project. Data analysis. Describe how data will be scored and analyzed; identifying appropriate statistical methods . If the proposed project is to employ qualitative methods, identify the ways in which the data will be processed and analyzed. Summary. A brief summary of the chapter may be included in this section.

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