Topic Examine the nature of American Federalism and how this division of power b
Topic Examine the nature of American Federalism and how this division of power between the Federal and state governments impacted the Civil Right Movement. As you do so, address three of the following (and only three) assigned concepts in conjunction an assigned question: Concept: Enumerated, Implied and Reserved Powers Question: What did the founders intend for the relationship between the Federal and state governments? Constitutional speaking is Civil Rights a Federal or a state matter? Concept: Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) and Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954) Question: What was the central question behind both the Plessy and Brown cases, and how did the decisions from both cases impact the Civil Rights Movement? Concept: Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Right Act of 1965 Question: What was the Constitutional basis for each of these acts, and what issues did each act address? Concept: Affirmative Action Question: What are the goals of Affirmative Action policies, and how successful has Affirmative Action been in achieving these goals? The key to the assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of three of the assigned concepts. Assignments should be clearly organized, succinct, informative, coherent, and thoroughly based upon an analysis of the assigned concepts. Always keep in mind that the key to the assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of the three assigned concepts you select, the topic question(s) are included only to place your analysis of the assigned concepts into context. Don't become overly concerned with the topic to the detriment of a detailed discussion of the assigned concepts. Assignment Format Section 1 Include a brief introductory paragraph comprised of a statement of purpose for your assignment – what are you going to do and how are you going to do it. Sections 2 through 4 Here you will have a one to two paragraph section for each of the 3 assigned concepts you select. With each of your three assigned concept sections begin by first fully defining and explaining the assigned concept in your own words, only then move to apply the assigned concept in the context of the connected topic question. Section 5 This should be a brief concluding paragraph to summarize the key elements articulated in your assignment. Section 6 (References Section) While you should define and explain your three selected assigned concepts in your own words, you should be prepared to supplement your understanding of the topic questions with research. Be sure to cite any resources used in this section. You may use whatever reference format you desire (MLA, APA, etc.), but when you cite a website, be sure to include the full and specific URL with your reference. Academic Dishonesty Policy If you do use the words, thoughts or ideas of another, you must properly cite your source (author name, publication, page number, and/or website address) and direct quotes must include the previous reference information and be placed inside quotation marks "...", to do otherwise is plagiarism. Since I have seen this problem increasing of late, I do what to emphasize a particular point here. IF YOU COPY MATERIAL DIRECTLY FROM A WEBSITE AND SIMPLY PASTE IT INTO YOUR ANSWER WITHOUT CITATION, YOU WILL RECEIVE A '0' FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. I should let everyone know that this type of plagiarism is very easy to detect by employing a Google search of any suspicious material. Must be written in calibri 11 pt and saved in RTF format

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