Republicans who have the majority in both chambers of Texas congress wanted to e
Republicans who have the majority in both chambers of Texas congress wanted to enact changes in voting legislation that would further protect the integrity of the elections. Texas Democrats, on the other side, vehemently opposed proposed bills accusing Republicans of attempting to enact further voter restrictions. We have a debate between two important principles(ideas): the integrity of elections and making voting more accessible. I want from you to discuss the following questions: Vote by mail in post pandemic America; Yes, or no? Why? Is voting turnout important for democracy? Why? Explain your argument? (How Texas is doing regarding voting turnout, check the most recent election turnout data (Some data is available at Texas state secretary website: Examine validity of voter fraud argument in debate on elections policy. (Provide evidence for your position) 4. Texas Democrats tried to increase access to voting, especially in large urban counties. Texas Republicans on the other side want to install additional voting safety requirements. It is obvious that two major political parties focus on different yet legitimate ideas: increase access for voting and protect the integrity of elections. Explain what may be real interest behind those two ideas? As students of the Texas government, you are expected to provide intelligent opinions supported by knowledge you obtained by reading assigned chapters and researching this topic online at valid websites. That being said, do not use Britannica or Wikipedia websites. Do not copy paste passages from the internet either! You do not need to provide proper citation. Just list websites you used to strengthen your position. Do not write questions; rather number your answers! Minimum word for your post: 270 words. I am not judging your opinion, but the strength of your argument behind your opinion.

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