Comment on the selections from Augustine’s City of God in terms of Haidt’s prese
Comment on the selections from Augustine's City of God in terms of Haidt's presentation on religion and human nature. How does this relate to American political life? Your response should incorporate the following: A. Assess Augustine's observations regarding Roman civic life and Christianity in light of Haidt's statement that "we evolved to see sacredness all around us and to join with others into teams and circle around sacred objects, people and ideas. This is why politics is so tribal. Politics is partly profane, it's partly about self-interest, but politics is also about sacredness. It's about joining with others to pursue moral ideas. It's about the eternal struggle between good and evil, and we all believe we're on the good team." B. Explain Haidt's statement, "The “religious right” can only be understood once you see this (religious) dimension, which most liberals and secular thinkers do not understand—at their peril." Also, can this statement be extended to include non-religious conservatives? Why or why not?
15-20 sentences should be enough.

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