APA paper about a theory from the list below that includes the following: Studen
APA paper about a theory from the list below that includes the following: Students will select a theory to review in their critical assignment. In this assignment, they will complete the following: Select one of the following theories: Dramaturgical perspective, symbolic interactionism, impression management, cultural hermeneutics, linguistic relativity, I-thou, Elaborated and Restricted Codes. Clearly introduce the theory and the theorist. Provide a background of the theory and it’s use within communication studies, in general. Provide an overview of the use of this theory in critical evaluating oral interpretation performances. Provide an explanation of how this theory is utilized in performing oral interpretation performances – prose, poetry and drama. Provide specific examples. Share how this theory can be utilized with a Christian worldview perspective. Share your personal thoughts on the theory and its relevance within oral interpretation performances. Utilize the course text AND at least 3 outside sources. Critical Assignment Outline due this week: An outline is utilized as a guide to write your critical assignment paper. Additionally, it will provide you with clear organization and allow the professor to provide you with valuable feedback prior to submitting the final paper. In this outline include the following: 1) A clear thesis for your paper. 2) A clear plan for the introduction, rationale and use of your chosen theory. 3) A plan for Christian worldview perspective within in your paper.

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