– Irish, Chinese, African Americans, Native Americans – and describe their experiences using a sociological lens
Please choose ONE of the ethnic groups we have examined throughout the course - Irish, Chinese, African Americans, Native Americans - and describe their experiences using a sociological lens. Identify social forces (laws, practices, policies, social norms, cultural practices etc.) and describe the impact they have had on the group. Describe how these social forces have effected the social formation of the group by identifying and analyzing their unique experiences. Provide a historical summary of the group you chose and apply the sociological concepts we have been discussing throughout the course to support your arguments. Discuss the contemporary challenges that the group faces as a result of their historical experiences. Identify modes of resistance for the groups you have chosen (i.e civil rights movements etc..). Please cite all of your sources both in-text and include a reference page, APA style. Requirements: Please use APA writing style- and be consistent throughout the paper Your paper should be 5-7 pages, double spaced, 12 pt font. Standard 1 inch margins A minimum of 5 sociological themes/concepts should be applied and discussed. 5 peer reviewed scholarly sources to be included in your paper. This should be written as a formal paper complete with a thesis statement/introduction, middle/ supporting evidence and conclusion. Proofread your paper before handing it in. You may use the following themes and sociological concepts in your analysis: institutionalized racism intersecting oppressions (race, class, economic, political) racial hierarchies stereotypes and stigma colonialism genocide convict leasing discrimination (defacto/dejure) human capital (loss or gained) dominant majority/ minority redlining power and privilege Chinese Exclusion Act Jim Crow The list above is not all encompassing, these are examples to provide an idea of the themes and sociological concepts I will be looking for, there are many more that we have discussed and plenty to choose from.

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