Directions for case analysis
Directions for case analysis 1. Total length should be between 4-6 pages (11-12 pt size, Times New Roman Font, 1.5 line spacing) with margins on both sides. Annexures, exhibits are not included in the above page limit. 2. You may have a short introductory paragraph or two which briefly presents the background of the case. Note however that the case analysis is not about summarizing the case facts. The reviewer has read the case and is aware of case details. 3. Then define the problem/issue in the case and lay out the alternatives i.e., the possible options for the organization. This requires thinking. 4. Next is the analysis of the case facts. This is the meat of your submission. Wherever possible make use of data to throw light on an issue or bolster your point. Analysis of numeric data and eye for detail is critical. 5. Finally, come up with your recommendations/action plan. Your recommendations must flow from your analysis. Avoid generalizations in your recommendations such as give the best quality product at the best price. Pl. proof read your submission for typos and sentence structure. Remember how you say is as important as what you say!

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