s Reception of Technology in Healthcare and MRI.
I am a student of MRI technologist. English is my second language, and I always write very simply. I do not want to use advanced words or grammar. My professor knows me, and he can figure out it is not my writing if you don't write them simply. , I need an essay in 3 pages (that 3 pages do not include references). the topic is Reception of Technology in Healthcare and MRI. Consists of these Elements: Reference in APA style format (7th edition) Times New Roman, 12 font size. Double-spaced; 1-inch margins Page length: 3 pages (minimum); 2 Scholarly Articles &/or Journals and 1 Resource of your choosing (blogs, websites, etc.). They will check plagiarism. before submission please check plagiarism, and then send it to me. I have this essay before, so if the writer is the same as before, please pay attention to write completely different from the first one with different references.

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