Develop an 8-page social media plan and an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation for a

Develop an 8-page social media plan and an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation for a provided scenario or for a selected company.
This portfolio work project, a social media plan and PowerPoint presentation, will help you demonstrate competency in developing effective social media plans that build awareness, customer relationships, and customer loyalty.
For this assessment, choose either Option 1 or Option 2. You do not need to do both. You will apply one of these scenarios in the Requirements below. Both options will be graded using the same scoring guide.
Option 1
You are an owner of Spokin’ Wheels, a locally owned bicycle shop with two locations. While your original location has been in business for several years, your second location has only been open a few months. The bicycle shops sell new and previously owned major brand bicycles. The shops also provide repairs, offer a small line of bicycle accessories and clothing, and organize group rides on Sunday mornings. You and your business partner both want to have a solid social media plan in place to grow the shops.
Option 2
If you chose Option 2 for Assessment 1, use the same business for this assessment, or select a different business. Note that it is recommended that you use the same business for each assessment in this course, using the following criteria for your selection:
The company fits the assessment requirements.
You can complete your assessment without disclosing confidential company information.
Contact faculty with questions.
Your Role
Option 1
You are one of two owners of Spokin’ Wheels. Your background is primarily in marketing. Your business partner’s background is in operations. While she is focused on making the internal customer-facing processes as efficient as possible, you are working on writing the social media plan.
Option 2
Your boss, a director, has tasked you with creating a social media plan. He is relying on you to prepare an analysis that can be presented to the executive team of the company. You completed a special project for him a few months ago that went very well. You are pleased to have received this new assignment.
Develop a social media plan and a PowerPoint presentation of your plan for your selected company. At a minimum, address the following elements:
Analyze customer segmentation characteristics. 

Develop two personas to portray your company’s customers based upon that analysis.

Analyze appropriate social media platforms for developed personas. 

Analyze at least two platforms that will be most effective for the personas you developed. Describe why you think they will be effective.
Analyze at least two platforms that are not likely to be effective for this niche customer. Describe why you think they would not be effective.

Develop a social media plan based upon the personas and platforms selected. Respond to the following: 

What platforms will your company use to drive traffic to your website?
What will customers be able to do once they are on your website?
How will these platforms engage with the customer?
What challenges do you anticipate in implementing your social media strategy? How will you overcome those challenges?

Deliverable Format
The social media plan must be at least 8 pages in length, in addition to title and reference pages.
The PowerPoint presentation must include at least eight (8) slides. 

Select a PowerPoint slide template appropriate for a professional presentation. Base your presentation on your social media plan, and include the supporting narrative as speaker’s notes. Do not overbuild your slides; information that supports what you will be saying should appear as speaker’s notes.

​Related company standards:
The social media plan and PowerPoint presentation are professional documents and should therefore follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines (available in the MBA Program Resources), including single-spaced paragraphs.
Include at least two properly cited visual elements (for example, a table, figure, or picture).
Use at least six scholarly or academic sources, where applicable, one of which must come from the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, or MIT Sloan Management Review.
Use APA format for references.
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies through corresponding scoring guide criteria:
Competency 1: Analyze how marketing theories and models inform marketing strategies in the interactive marketplace.​ 

Analyze customer segmentation characteristics.

Competency 3: Evaluate the impact of relevant data on digital marketing strategies and techniques that support organizational outcomes. 

Analyze appropriate social media platforms for developed personas.

Competency 4: Analyze how social media can be leveraged to drive awareness, customer relationships, and customer loyalty. 

Develop a social media plan based upon the personas and platforms selected. 

Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions. 

Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.

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Social media marketers, like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are supporte

Social media marketers, like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are supported by advertising (it’s over 90% of their revenue).  That means they need to monitor and analyze your discussions, posts, videos on their platforms and also monitor activity on the internet that occurs outside their platforms (including activities like shopping, messaging, streaming) to provide data to advertisers to more effectively target you for ads.  Is it worth it?  Would you rather have your online activity under constant surveillance and get free access to social media, or would you prefer to pay a monthly subscription (let’s say $5 a month) to use social media without ads and constant surveillance?  Why?
Also, imagine you work for a marketing agency that provides treatment for persons with migraine headaches.  Is it OK to use social media monitoring to identify persons having discussions about their migraine headaches to target ads to them, or should that information about health conditions be considered private and confidential?  What would you do as a marketing professional who is presented with the challenge of reaching persons who suffer from migraine headaches?
Reply to classmates:
(will repost replies today or tomorrow)

   Conceptual Assignment #2  Chapter 7: Do you think governments should consider

Conceptual Assignment #2 
Chapter 7: Do you think governments should consider human rights when granting preferential trading rights to countries? What are the arguments for and against taking such a position?
Chapter 8: Compare and contrast these explanations of FDI: internalization theory and Knickerbocker’s theory of FDI. Which theory do you think offers the best explanation of the historical pattern of FDI? Why?
Chapter 9: What are the economic and political arguments for regional economic integration? Given these arguments, why don’t we see more substantial examples of integration in the world economy?
Chapter 10: You are the CFO of a U.S. firm whose wholly-owned subsidiary in Mexico manufactures component parts for your U.S. assembly operations. The subsidiary has been financed by bank borrowings in the United States. One of your analysts told you that the Mexican peso is expected to depreciate by 30 percent against the dollar on the foreign exchange markets over the next year. What actions, if any, should you take?
Chapter 11: Why did the gold standard collapse? Is there a case for returning to some type of gold standard? What is it?
Chapter 12: In a world of zero transportation costs, no trade barriers, and nontrivial differences between nations with regard to factor endowments, firms must expand internationally if they are to survive. Address.
The Conceptual Assignment must follow the following guidelines:
You must give      quality answers that show mastery of the concepts being discussed, using      clear logic, and supporting facts. Also, the answers must directly address      the questions or discussion topics using chapter readings and research.
Conceptual      assignments test the understanding of key concepts and elements of      International Business, therefore, they must be thoroughly addressed.
You must use      citations with references to document information obtained from sources.      The key concepts and elements of International Business are found in the      sources listed in the syllabus (it is your duty to search for them, read,      analyze, evaluate, summarize, paraphrase in your answers, and cite the      authors who wrote the articles, books, term papers, memoirs, studies, etc.      What it means is that you will have not less than 6 references      from the listed sources.
Grammatically      correct paper, no typos, and must have obviously been proofread for logic.
Questions must      be typed out as headings, with follow up answers in paragraph format, and      a summary or conclusion at the end of the paper.
The Assignment must be in APA format

   Term 5 Week 4 Discussion Week 4 Discussion Board (BUS6750 International Busin

Term 5 Week 4 Discussion
Week 4 Discussion Board (BUS6750 International Business Management)
Part 1 – Chapter 10: Differentiate between a lead strategy and a lag strategy. 
Part 2 – Chapter 11: How has the volatility of the current global exchange rate regime affected international businesses? How can the problem be tackled? 
Part 3 – Chapter 12: What are the different types of competitive pressures that firms competing in a global marketplace face? How can firms respond to such pressures? 
Unit 4 DB: Leonard and Wilma (ACC440 Auditing)
Leonard Bailey is one of several partners in a medium sized (50 employees) CPA firm.  Wilma Lawrence is the controller of ABC Manufacturing, one of Leonard’s clients.  She has been with the company for 28 years and is very protective of what she considers her domain.  An audit of ABC is scheduled to start in two weeks.  Leonard is meeting with Wilma to introduce her to Claire Nunn, a new audit senior who will be running the job.  Wilma is courteous, but somewhat uneasy during the meeting.  Afterward, as Leonard and Claire are leaving, Wilma called Leonard back inside.  She closed the door and said quietly, but firmly, “Leonard, I respect your business sense and have known you a long time.  I know your firm does good work.  But where did you get that girl?  She should be home knitting.  And you intend her to lead an audit?”  Leonard knows that Wilma has a history of conflict with female employees within her company.
What should Leonard do (if anything) to resolve this situation?

Creative briefs are important documents for providing direction on the creative

Creative briefs are important documents for providing direction on the creative elements that will be used to market a product or service.  Those elements include advertising, point of sale promotions, packaging, digital platforms (e.g. web sites, social media sites) and marketing partnerships.  A creative brief communicates the tone, style, positioning and key messaging for all creative that will be developed to connect with the target market for the product or service. For this assignment, you’ll create a one page creative brief to provide creative direction for your assigned product.  That creative brief should include all the elements mentioned above (tone, style, positioning…) as well as a definition of your target market and the challenges the product will face in the marketplace.
Assignment Requirements
To explore the creative side of marketing, you will produce a short (1-2 page) creative brief.  The brief you write will provide creative direction for a specific product (which will be assigned), and should include:
Key Message
Target Audience Definition
Competitive Overview
Tone and Style of Creative Work
Positioning (what consumers should think when they see creative work for the product)
Image Representing Creative Tone of Work

  محل شراء الاثاث المستعمل بالرياض شركة  هي افضل شركة شراء أثاث مستعمل توفر خدما

محل شراء الاثاث المستعمل بالرياض
شركة  هي افضل شركة شراء أثاث مستعمل توفر خدمات بيع و شراء العفش القديم بالرياض بأغلي الاسعار . ويعد محل الفردوس من افضل محلات بيع وشراء الاثاث المستعمل المنزلي والمكتبي من جميع الأنواع . حيث يتم شراء العفش المنزلي والأثاث المكتبي وجميع انواع الأحهزة المنزلية المستخدمة . فان كنت تبحث عن ارقام حقين شراء الاثاث المستخدم بالرياض . فلا تتردد في الأتصال بنا علي ارقام محلات الفردوس التي توفر خدمة شراء اثاث مستعمل بأعلي الاسعار في حراج الرياض للأثاث المستعمل . فمعنا يمكنك الحصول علي افضل صفقات بيع الاثاث المستخدم والعفس القديم الخاص بك . كما نشتري غسالات ثلاجات ومراوح وأجهزة تكييف مستعملة بأعلي الاسعار . لذلك ننصحك بالتواصل معنا عندما تفكر في بيع قطع العفش المنزلي القديمة او اي جهاز منزلي مستخدم لديك .
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Select an organization (Nissan Motor CO) and research one or more challenges the

Select an organization (Nissan Motor CO) and research one or more challenges the organization has recently encountered. Include a company introduction (history, what they do, key personnel, where they are located, culture, etc), financial information (find the company’s annual report and summarize key information from it), detail about the challenge that the company has faced, description of how they address the challenges, and an explanation of your perspective on the challenges. 
1250 words.

Assemble and showcase the main elements from the PDF attached. Outline: 1. Summa

Assemble and showcase the main elements from the PDF attached.
1. Summary of firm’s situation
2. Key issues at hand
3. Development of SWOT
5. Entry/Launch strategies in select markets
6. Final Recommendation to Board of Directors
You must include the following questions:
1. How was the evolution of the hair care industry and market influencing L’Oréal’s digital transformation initiative?  
2.  How were brands communicating with their audience and staying relevant in the current digital marketplace?  
3.  What influencers (i.e., mega, macro, micro) were solicited? What tools (i.e., vlogs, blogs, communities) were used for consumer research and insights? 
4. What are the pros and cons of L’Oréal’s current consumer insights and market research practices? 
5. What capabilities does L’Oréal possess?  What capabilities does it need to acquire for a visible digital insight-gathering and value-generation strategy? 
6. What key performance indicators (KPIs) should be used to gauge success? Why? What digital platforms provide the best results?  
Format: Report (includes visuals, tables, graphs, etc.)
Be sure to include an Executive Summary, Introduction, Analysis, and overall recommendation(s)
At least 6 pages
Add references (professional/trade and academic)