Learning Goal: I’m working on a industrial design writing question and need an e

Learning Goal: I’m working on a industrial design writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Part One:Examine the reference list in the library or web resources and briefly discuss the following terms:Variable
Experimental unit
Linear equation
Slope = Δx / Δy or m = Sx / Sy and y = mx + b (m = slope, b = constant).
Write the definition of each term between 30 – 100 words, also provide an example (if any).Part Two:To complete Assignment 6, use the data you collected in assignment 2. Load your data collection into SPSS. Note the “Data View” and “Variable View” tabs at the bottom of the window. These are the primary screens for defining the dataset to be analyzed.In this assignment, you’ll use Regression and ANOVA to analyze your data, find the relationship among your variables and the predictive equation.From the SPSS spreadsheet, select the indicated operations by Clicking on the “Analyze” drop-down menu followed by the indicated operation (study the handouts of ANOVA and Regressions, located in Unit Three/Supplement). Then remember to save your output. This may take several tries to achieve the correct number of outputs. Copy and paste the outputs into a Word document. From the SPSS analysis, you will:2.1 write your interpretation of the relationship among your three variables.2.2 Examine the output and determine the regression equation for each comparison2.3 Draw these results on the Scattergram or Scatterplots.