Instructions: below is a list of three (3) possible topics for the midterm essay

Instructions: below is a list of three (3) possible topics for the midterm essay. Choose one (1) and write an essay of 2500 words. Your essay must be written in English, adhere to the Modern Languages Association (MLA) style. The essay must have an introduction with a clear thesis statement (the purpose, argument, aim of your essay). The introduction must be followed by a middle section that develops and explains your thesis statement. Finally, the conclusion must summarize and conclude your paper. It is expected that you will carry out research for this essay and have at least six (6) different sources. These are to be listed in a Works Cited page at the end. Entries in the Works Cited page must be arranged in alphabetical order by author’s family name and follow MLA convention (do not number the Works Cited entries). Here is a useful website to make sure you are using the MLA system correctly: OWL Purdue (Links to an external site.).
Essay Topic Prompts (choose 1):
1.Compare and contrast the various efforts in the early 20th century to develop a phonetic system of writing for Chinese (e.g.: the Gwoyeu Romatzyh, Latinxua Sin Wenz, Zhuyin Fuhao and Pinyin).
2.Explore the concepts of World English/World Englishes/Global English and take a position either in favour or against the idea that the ‘outer circle’ and/or the ‘expanding circle’ will become ‘norm-providing’ for the English language.
3.Describe the situation of how English has become an international lingua franca and consider whether or not Chinese could also become a lingua franca in the future.