Read the book Kill Shot by Jason Dearen. Once you have read the book, each membe

Read the book Kill Shot by Jason Dearen. Once you have read the book, each member of the group is to answer the following questions:
1. What did you learn from the book?
2. What laws did the pharmacy violate?
3.What was the culture at the pharmacy?
4. What did the state Board of Pharmacy do as a result of this issue?
5. How would you feel if you or a family member was affected by the contamination?
6. What laws/regulation have changed/added as a result of this issue? What did the federal government do as a result of this issue?  Were there any new federal laws enacted?  What did the FDA do?

Introduction / Background & Epidemiology (800-1000 words) ≈ 300 words epidemiolo

Introduction / Background & Epidemiology (800-1000 words)
≈ 300 words epidemiology;
≈ 500 background
Produce a written introduction (lay summary), setting out the topic, detailing background information (classification and diagnosis, risk factors, treatment and management).Present epidemiological data of selected chronic condition, providing national prevalence and incidence rates.
An excellent description in all aspects showing a high level and standard of research and writing ability. The evidence you use is specific, rich, varied, and unambiguously supports your claims.
Quotations and illustrations are framed effectively
and clarified appropriately in the text. Demonstrates a deep understanding with excellent synthesis and evaluation of material.

Malignant neoplasms or cancers as they are often called are identified by the ti

Malignant neoplasms or cancers as they are often called are identified by the tissue in which they develop. Carcinogenesis is a complex process that may take many decades to occur. For this assignment, you are assigned the respiratory tract, research the literature and write a paper discussing the following.
The three most common malignant neoplasms (adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and large cell carcinoma) and their epidemiologic footprint worldwide and in the US
The carcinogenic processes thought to be associated with the common malignancies (genetic, environmental)The normal epithelium of the system and the top three malignant neoplasms arising in the tissue sites.
The physiologic and associated histologic changes associated with the neoplastic changes
Common treatment modalities for the three malignant neoplasms
Your overall goal is to identify the three most common types of lung cancers, their carcinogenesis, physiology, histology and treatments.
Formatting Guidelines for Paper
Use Times New Roman Font, size 11
Papers should be double spaced
Use page numbers in bottom of page
Front page should contain on separate lines: Title, Your name, School and Program, Semester
No abstract is needed
Provide a table of contents
All sources of information must be cited including tables and figures. Tables you create from information should be labelled as Table followed by a number (Table 1, Table 2) and a table title. Tables, images, figures etc. taken from sources should be cited as figures and also numbered accordingly
Headings and subheadings: Use major topic headings, 1st and 2nd level subheadings.  Major topic headings can be centered.  1st level subheadings titles should be bold with only the first letter of the word capitalized and a period on the end. It should be on the same line as the text. 2nd level subheading titles should be italicized, with only the first letter capitalized and a period at the end. It should be on same line as the text.

FYI I want to be a dental hygienist ! ( haven’t had time to go my paper ) Click

FYI I want to be a dental hygienist ! ( haven’t had time to go my paper )
Click HERE to watch this video for help with paragraphs 1 & 2. Begin with an introductory paragraph stating who you are and your career plans.  Explain why you are interested in your career. When did you become interested in this career? What events in your life have led you to have this career goal? What major will help you reach your career goal? Explain your choice of career and what qualifications you feel you have for your chosen career?
Using the information you received from the any of the assessments you took in this course, (multiple intelligences survey, learning styles, Career Coach, Human Metrics personality assessment) explain how your results might help you as you pursue your career and as you enter your profession.
Click HERE for help with paragraph 3 Your third paragraph should summarize and compare the career information you found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) and Career One Stop for both the United States (national averages) and the Houston area (local averages). Compare the annual salary, job outlook, a brief description of the job’s responsibilities and the required education both locally and nationally.  Describe your educational goals, will you need a certificate, bachelors, master or doctorate degree? What are the skills you will need to reach this career goal? Include your plans for financing your education. Please note this information is to be written in your own words. You are required to cite this information in your research paper and on the reference page.
Click HERE for help with paragraphs 4 & 5 Now it’s time to talk about your financial future according to the Texas Reality Check report. Use the information from the lifestyle calculator to write a paragraph that addresses the following. Give the amount of money you will need to earn to maintain the lifestyle you desire to live in the future.  Describe the lifestyle you intend to live and explain whether the expected annual salary (local or national) for your career will allow you to live that lifestyle. If it doesn’t, describe what steps you will take to deal with this situation. If you will have excess income, discuss what this will mean for your future.
Compare the annual salary you will need to live in Houston to the salary you would need to live the same lifestyle in two other cities. Use the information the Texas Reality Check and the CNN Money Calculator. Discuss the differences in the cost of living in the two other locations versus the cost of living in Houston. Identify and report the largest percentage differences between the cities. Discuss whether family, groceries, housing or transportation are significant factors. Discuss whether your career is dependent upon location. Based upon your analysis, write a final statement that explains where might you decide to live.
Click HERE for help with paragraph 6 Think about how you can help your community as you learn the transferable “soft skills” employers find valuable as you study. Find two places where you could possibly volunteer in the future that could use the skills you will acquire from studying and working in your profession.  Use the information you found at VolunteerMatch to write this paragraph.  List the two places and explain what type of help they are requesting. Finally, explain how this volunteer experience could help you build your professional network. What personal characteristics, skills, etc. will enhance your prospects for success in this career? What specific experiences (including work experiences) have furthered this interest? What impact do I want to have on society?
Click HERE for help with paragraph 7 In conclusion, write your long-term career goal as a SMART goal. Refer to Goal Setting in Chapter 1 (Section 1.2/Pages 9-12) State your goal and what date you plan to achieve it. Tell the reader three specific steps you will take to make the goal a reality. Acknowledge obstacles that will get in your way and say what you plan to do about those obstacles. End your essay with a narrative statement describing how your life will look and how you will feel when you reach your goal. What are my short-term and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Your essay must be typed, 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and formatted according to APA style. You must create a reference page according to APA style. When you use data from your research, you must follow that data with in-text citations. See the examples provided and use the citation generators suggested.

Greetings This essay is VERY DIFFICULT. You MUST have a medical background in Oc

This essay is VERY DIFFICULT. You MUST have a medical background in Occupational Therapy.
Below is the instruction. Case that needs to be studied for the intervention is attached.
The Use of Occupation for Assessment and the Occupation-based Intervention Plan
Based on the occupations identified in the Occupational Profile, each group member will focus on one, different occupation.  In this individual assignment, each student in the work group will describe the use of occupation for assessment and develop an occupation-based intervention plan for the client in the case.
In a typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman or Cambria 12-point font paper, not exceeding 5 pages, describe how the occupation will be used for assessment and develop an occupation-based intervention plan, reflective of the collaborative therapeutic relationship.
Components of the Assessment and Occupation-Based Intervention Plan
I.    Theory and Evidence
Discuss one occupation IADL/ Instrumental Activity Of Daily Living (she might need help with safety stuff at home, and financial management)
•    Discuss Psychoeducation Model of practice that you would utilize to create an effective occupation-based intervention plan
•    Discuss why you chose that particular theory or model for this client
•    Provide at least one scholarly article from a professional journal that describes an aspect of evidence-based practice for the client. Summarize the article and explain how the article applies to the case.
II.    Intervention Plan and Goals
•    Discuss how occupation will be assessed. The Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills assessment tool will be used. Explain why it is a good tool. How does the data obtained from the assessment contribute to the intervention planning?
•    How will the observation of occupational engagement contribute to the assessment and intervention planning?
•    Write 2 occupation-based long term (LT) goals reflective of the client’s values, beliefs, goals, needs and interests.
•    For each LT goal, write 2 short term goals to be addressed in treatment.
•    Provide an occupation-based intervention for each short term goal.
•    Discuss your rationale for your choice of goals and interventions reflecting the theoretical model chosen.
III.    Discharge Planning
•    What factors would you want to include in your client’s discharge summary for next practitioner in their care?
•    Discuss your client’s supports. How will you incorporate supports into discharge planning?
•    Identify potential community resources, social supports, or additional services needed for to ensure safety, health, wellness, and successful re-engagement in occupation upon discharge.
IV.    Role delineation in the OT process
•    Discuss the role of the OTR in this case
•    Discuss the role of the OTA in this case
Discuss the opportunities for collaboration throughout the OT process in this case.

Iam a third  year  medicine student and I must reflect on first two weeks online

Iam a third  year  medicine student and I must reflect on first two weeks online studying at my collage i will provide a templete and the writing should be in gibbs cycle , please providethe. advantages and disadvantages about online studying and if there is references and it should be in van-cover style