We discussed how Order of the Phoenix represents an example of a bildungsroman.

We discussed how Order of the Phoenix represents an example of a bildungsroman. For your response, focus on one central or secondary character from THIS novel and describe to me how this is a bildungsroman for that character.
How do they grow? What is their character arc? What happens to allow them to reach enlightenment? How does that character’s story reflect the concept of the bildungsroman?
Responses can focus on Harry himself or any members of the D.A. or the Order of the Phoenix or any other character that receives substantive focus. Remember that there IS a difference between standard ‘coming of age novel’ and an actual bildungsroman.

No need for any citations, this is just an article review from a classmate. Ple

No need for any citations, this is just an article review from a classmate. Please make comments and any questions you may have.
Story: Live Bait
Trish Hopkins
Welcome to Live Bait. My name is Jade, like the prosperity Buddha that sits
on my bathroom sink. Mostly because all the other color names were taken, Ruby,
Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz and Rose. I have been a beverage server here for the
last year. First rule, nobody uses their real name except for management,
bouncers, and the ones lucky enough to be named Bambi. Second rule, customers
are wallets.
At the bar, Trent serves non-alcoholic drinks. Take off those big black
glasses, tussle his hair the right way, and he goes from geek to chic. Sometimes on
busy nights, the boss lets me barback, and Trent shows me the trick behind
keeping the head off the O’Douls. I prefer to mix the orange-cranberry juice
Ladies Drinks in their long, slim glasses.
On Stage One is Sapphire dancing to “Tonight’s the Night.” Only one slow
song per hour allowed. The dancer picks the song on this stage, while the girl on
Stage Two gyrates to one she probably hates. Sapphire’s from Seattle and lives
with Sammy, the night D.J. Just before shift change, she talks with Marc, the
afternoon D.J. She leans in close, whispering in his ear until Sammy clocks in.
On Stage Two is Marilynn, who rode a tornado in from Kansas. She boasts
about being born in a cornfield during harvest season. Marc plays with her
strawberry hair when she requests her favorite song, the techno mix of “Mamas,
Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” The snakeskin boot-wearing clients
like her country twang.
Lap dancing over in that corner is Dandylion, the only true blonde in this
place. She touches areas restricted by law. If the police ever raid on her shift, get
far away from her. And that’s Henry, the owner, whose lap she’s grinding on. He
pretends he’s a customer in his Levi’s and flannels while getting free lap dances all
day. Gary manages the club in his Armani but says he isn’t in the mob.
Over at the bar is Ginger. Tomorrow she stops waiting tables in hopes to
“make some real cash.” Her shelf life has expired. Every waitress turns dancer
within a year or gets let go. Ginger’s divorced with a six-year-old son who thinks
she sells Avon. She really wants to leave Sacramento and find a rich husband in
Rome or Paris— or “somewhere classy.”
At the middle table sits S.B., a beached Merchant Marine. He tells me
stories about how you can do anything in Amsterdam, legal drugs and sex, blah,
blah. He doesn’t watch the dancers and won’t buy them drinks. He says he prefers
to drink his coffee, light cream and heavy sugar, while talking to me. S.B. tips very
generously if you tell him you’ll never be a dancer and that you are working your
way through college as an English major.
Twice a night, all waitresses have to clean the stages. I won’t touch the poles
because of the funk that gets smeared on them. Mandy always gets stuck with the
slimy brass poles. Now that she isn’t the new girl anymore, she’ll move up to wiping
glitter and baby oil off the plexi-glass floor.
That’s Matthew at the front door. Too thin to be a bouncer, but under that
tuxedo shirt and black slacks, his muscles are sculpted like Brandon Lee’s. We are
secretly dating and plan to elope next week. Marilynn hangs around by the door
before the club opens in the afternoon, staring into his stormy hazel eyes.
Here’s my lucky tray with the first crumpled dollar bill I ever made. Wear
skimpy clothes and use an accent if you can. Upsell Ladies Drinks and the dancers
will favor you because they make five dollars off each one. Tip the bouncers well,
and they’ll escort you to your car at night. Don’t get involved with the wallets,
maybe an amusing story from S.B. on slow nights. Show your teeth when you smile,
and never tell anyone your real name. If you need an alias, you can have mine.
Copyright © 2003 American River Review
Peer Review: In the story Live Bait, what is the narrator telling the reader? What do you think S.B.’s motivation is when dealing with the waitresses?
When I read the story Live bait, I felt that the narrator was telling us as the readers what it was like to work inside of a strip club. I feel that the narrator was the bartender and she was looking for a way out of the business and by her planning to elope with the bouncer this was her way out. She stated at the end of the story that you could take her name as she wont be needing it anymore. I think that S.B went there to have conversation with someone and enjoy the company of others as in the story it says that one slow nights you can be entertained by a story from S.B , he understand that you are working as a bartender to make ends meat and pay the bills but he frowns upon the ones who are selling their body to do so and refuses to give them money or buy them drinks.

write a 4-5 page essay that argues a clearly defined position about that topic.

write a 4-5 page essay that argues a clearly defined position about that topic. The essay should have an introduction that has a clear thesis statement and demonstrates the relevance of your topic, several body paragraphs that each make focused claims, and a conclusion.
Your job is to change the reader’s mind about a particular subject and persuade the reader into believing your argument. Your paper must be written so that it is accessible to readers from a different perspective. In other words, be fair and unbiased when acknowledging what others say about your topic, but then prove why they are wrong using logical reasons and credible evidence. In this essay, you must synthesize various sources while persuading the reader to accept your viewpoint. You do not want to simply report what others are saying, but engage in a dialogue with them.
1,200-1,500 word essay (4-5 pages)
An interesting and informative title
A clearly stated thesis in the introduction that articulates your position and what you want to argue in your paper.
Logical and clear reasons supporting your argument
A document formatted in correct MLA format
5 sources (peer-reviewed journals, books, and reliable web sources)
One of your sources must disagree with your argument and be used to create a counterargument.
A refutation of opposing arguments (in the counterargument)
A synthesis of sources; do not simply summarize your source material, but show how they are connected and respond to them.
A works cited page in MLA format with corresponding in-text citations. The works cited page should be included in the same document as your essay.
Any one of these topics
U.S. Borders (Emigration & Immigration)
Civil Rights
Popular Culture
Celebrity Culture
Renewable Energy
Animal Experimentation
Technology & Education
Criminal Justice
Millennial Generation
Genetically Modified Foods
Social Media
Video Games

In this forum, we will take some time to examine a profile written by Ofeiba Qui

In this forum, we will take some time to examine a profile written by Ofeiba Quist-Arcton (2016) Our discussion will serve as the starting point for our focus on profile writing, and it will focus on Quist-Arcton’s profile.
However, the Profile Essay that you write will differ in terms of organization. It will resemble a standard essay in terms of having an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Carefully review the Profile Essay Example in this week’s assigned readings, as it should serve as a model for your own essay (format, use of details, use of dialogue, and strong dominant impression).
First, read Ofeibea Quist-Arcton’s (2016) profile titled “Who’s the Woman with the Camera Chasing Styles and Smiles in Nigeria?”
In your initial post, answer the following questions:
The profile begins with a picture of Abubakar. It is possible that after reading the profile, your initial impression of Abubakar has changed. If so, how? What is the dominant impression that Quist-Artcon creates?
In her profile of Abubakar what do you feel that Quist-Arcton (2016) has done well and why? Are there areas that could be improved? If so, how and why?
Name one technique that Quist-Arcton (2016) uses in her profile that you could use in your own profile. Where in your paper (Profile Essay) would you use it? What do you think the effect would be? For an overview of common writing techniques, review “A List of Common Writing Techniques.”
In your responses, identify where you have common ground (agreement) with your group members, and where your opinions differ.
Discussion Submission Instructions
This discussion requires one (1) initial post (IP) and two (2) reply posts (RPs). These posts will be assessed according to the ENG 205 Discussion Grading Rubric. Important: Please treat this as an opportunity for discussion. Ask questions, and respond to the questions you are asked. This means you should return frequently to the discussion, to make sure you don’t miss a chance to continue the conversation.
For your one (1) initial post:
Click Start a New Thread, and enter the title and content of your post in the appropriate boxes. Click Post when you are ready to submit.
We recommend that you type your post in Microsoft Word, save it to your computer, and then copy and paste the text into MyClassroom. This way, you reduce the chance of losing your work in the rare case of a technical issue. Do not submit the post as an attachment.
Your initial post must be at least 250-300 words in length.
Your initial post requires the use of at least one (1) in-text citation and reference from the assigned reading (referred to in the discussion forum prompt) to support your discussion. Your in-text citation and reference must be formatted using APA Style.

you choose a reading from class, form a “claim” or argument, and use examples fr

you choose a reading from class, form a “claim” or argument, and use examples from the text to back that up — try and include some of the literary terminology discussed in class.
Assignment Description: This assignment asks you to think about how a text tells its story as well as the content of that story. It will, therefore, ask you to make a claim about some element of the story, to point to formal and thematic evidence that justify those claims, and to explain how that evidence supports those claims.
The Three Pillars of Analysis: The general form of an analysis is “This is what I think [claim] and let me tell you some reasons [explanation] and details [evidence] that make me think I am right.
Claims: a claim is an assertion about a work of art that you believe to be correct but cannot be proven definitively one way or another. If it could be proven definitively, then it would be an observation. A claim is an expression of what you think, what you take a difficult or complex moment to mean, how you think an obscure passage should be understood.
Evidence: when studying art and literature evidence is details from the work. In your writing you can express evidence by quoting the material, paraphrasing it, or describing it. Effective use of evidence involves combining all three of these.
Quotation is useful when you want to draw attention to a specific word, term, device, or language.
Paraphrase is useful when you need to present a whole scene, conversation, or figurative effect.
Description is most useful when talking about the overall composition, structure, or organization of a text, chapter, scene, or moment.
Explanation: you might also hear this referred to as analysis, but I think it is more useful to keep it separate. Explanation connects the evidence and the claims by says how and why YOU think the evidence you’ve provided supports the claims that you’ve made.

This is a timed writing assignment: you will have 3 hours and 1 attempt to write

This is a timed writing assignment: you will have 3 hours and 1 attempt to write a short argumentative essay based on a given prompt. You will use the included reading passage as the only resource; no outside resources are allowed.
1. Format and length
400-500 words and 4 complete paragraphs (5-8 sentences each): one introductory paragraph, two body paragraphs, one concluding paragraph
Write a title – your stand (the answer to the essay question); see example below:
Essay question: Is Remote Work Beneficial for Productivity?
Sample title 1: Remote Work Increases Productivity
Sample title 2: Remote Work Decreases Productivity
Indent each paragraph (leave 5 spaces at the beginning of each paragraph)
Do not leave blank lines between paragraphs.
2. Topic and content
Consider the essay question, choose your stand and write a title
Write an argumentative essay to develop two arguments in support of your stand
Write supporting sentences based on the content of the given reading passage
Use formal register and adequate academic vocabulary
do not use informal language or contractions
do not use the first person, the second person, or imperatives.
3. Resources and APA style
You do not need to do research for this assignment. Use the reading provided at the top of the quiz.
Cite all your evidence in the APA format; the author and publication information are at the end of the reading passage
use in-text citations for direct quotations and paraphrases
the passage will contain quotes from secondary sources; use an attribution phrase that correctly identifies the speaker (Example: as cited in … + author, year) and an in-text citation.

complete and effective argument, plan out your research-based argument with a cl

complete and effective argument, plan out your research-based argument with a clear, logical organization like this:
Topic, its importance and relevance to reader
Specific focus and purpose
Causes and effects/impact
History of what’s been done and its effectiveness
Potential solutions
Option and its advantages/disadvantages
Option and its advantages/disadvantages
Recommended solution
Advantages and disadvantages
Costs and Benefits
Implementation steps and expected outcomes
Synthesis/summary/significance and thesis
Next steps
Call to action
We recommend that you start with an outline. Add details, including source information and citations, then draft your essay using your outline as a roadmap. Cite as you write.
Your problem-solution essay should be at least 1500 words long (5-6 pages).
Your argument should be supported by at least 5 academic quality sources. Include in-text citations for all sourced information as soon as you begin using each source. Include a reference list with full bibliographic citations for all sources used.
Follow current APA guidelines for essay format, content, and citations. You should have a title page, references page, and section titles for each body section. See the APA template in Files.
Post at least three pages of your essay document to the Week 5 Discussion for peer review. Also consider using the various options for tutoring. Submit your revised, complete essay by the end of Week 6.
Successful essays will meet these expectations:
At least 1500 words
At least 5 academic quality sources used and cited
Current APA format, content and citations
Formatted as a Word document .docx file
Submitted via the Week 6 assignment page
This essay will be used to assess your individual progress toward course objectives. Your scores will be aggregated to gauge all students’ progress toward general education learning outcomes.
I have attached a assignment from this course that contains the sources.
Moore, E. M., Cheng, T. H., Castillo, E. G., Gelberg, L., & Ijadi-Maghsoodi, R. (2020). Understanding homelessness: A call to action and curriculum framework for psychiatry residencies. Academic Psychiatry, 44(3), 344-351. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40596-019-01154-3
Marker, B. (2019). Homelessness in Los Angeles County: Gaining Insight to the Success of Strategic Planning and Implementation (Doctoral dissertation, California State University, Northridge). https://scholarworks.calstate.edu/downloads/xs55mf90p
Alowaimer, O. (2018). Causes, effects and issues of homeless people. Journal of Socialomics, 07(03). https://doi.org/10.4172/2167-0358.1000223
Fowler, P. J., Hovmand, P. S., Marcal, K. E., & Das, S. (2019). Solving homelessness from a complex systems perspective: Insights for prevention responses. Annual Review of Public Health, 40(1), 465-486. https://doi.org/10.1146/annurev-publhealth-040617-013553
Von Wachter, T., Bertrand, M., Pollack, H., Rountree, J., & Blackwell, B. (2019). Predicting and preventing homelessness in Los Angeles. California Policy Lab and University of Chicago Poverty Lab. https://www.capolicylab.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Predicting_and_Preventing_Homelessness_in_Los_Angeles.pdf

You must look back into your life and find a story (either about yourself or som

You must look back into your life and find a story (either about yourself or
someone influential in your life) where an ethical or social responsibility lesson
was learned. When reflecting on the incident (or incidents), make sure that you
identify and discuss the issue and how it affected you and other people around
you. Please keep in mind the following:
• Definition of Ethics and Social Responsibility: Ethical reasoning is a critical
component of moral conduct and social responsibility. Students who employ
ethical reasoning with an understanding of how their personal decisions impact the
social, professional, or organizational environments in which they live, work, or
socialize, are better prepared to act in a socially responsible manner. Ethical
reasoning and decision making goes beyond personal moral values and
recognizes that there is a situational component to every decision, one that must
encompass the practical, cultural, moral, and consequential implications of any
• Framing Language: This is guided by questions such as a “How well do you
recognize and account for the ethical and social complexities of particular situation?”.
“What are the moral, cultural and practical issues that need to be accounted for?”:
and “How criticall are ntinne and imnliratinne devalnad and interranatad.
required to include four citations in your