Do not need outside references or citations. The case study needs to follow the

Do not need outside references or citations. The case study needs to follow the guidelines uploaded below.  The case study is uploaded below as well. There are no specific questions to be answered, just to follow the format below: introduction, analysis, conclusion.

You and some classmates meet at the library on a rainy and windy day. Some of th

You and some classmates meet at the library on a rainy and windy day. Some of them arrive completely soaked: on the way, the wind broke their umbrellas. One of them jokes: “Where are the scaffoldings when we need them?!”
Another says: “Actually, there’s a map of scaffolding permits on NYC’s Open Data website -take a look on my laptop!” There it is, on a map:
That person continues: “What if we could transform that into an app that optimizes pedestrian routes when it rains? Maybe there’s a business idea?!”
“Well”, you say, “that could be a great idea, but not all great ideas mean great business. Plus, there’s a long way from an idea to a successful startup.” You decide to explain to your friends what it would take to examine this idea and, if valuable, how to potentially develop it into a startup.
Write a paper (1000-to-2000 words long, but flexible) in which you explain how you and your friends could explore and potentially develop this. Be sure to demonstrate your knowledge of all course material that was assigned so far (see course schedule up to October 20 included) and your ability to apply it. Remember that you do not need to describe the actual business but how you would proceed assessing the idea and the steps that you should take to potentially develop it into a startup.

Global Food Solutions.

Four teams of students are the finalists of a competition organized by Net Impact. Net Impact is a nonprofit that is looking to inspire and equip emerging leaders to build a more just and sustainable world. The topic of this year’s challenge is Global Food Solutions. The prize is $10,000. The students have contacted you and want you to help them develop their idea so they can be the winner this year. They know that they are going to be graded on impact, innovation, feasibility, and viability. They have sent you their prefinal video and want you to give them feedback and a roadmap so they can be the winners. Your mission is to choose a video and help them implement all the best practices of entrepreneurship that you have learned in your course so far. First, you need to start with an “audit” of how the founders have proceeded. This means you need to create a reaction to their project. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Your analysis of their project. Do they understand the problem, their customer, ecosystem, etc? After you “audit” you should suggest how to improve their week points (by using the class material), and then you can propose recommendations/roadmap plan. Remember to use the concepts, tools, and methods that you have learned so far. You will be graded in terms of knowledge of the class material and your critical thinking capacity.
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Remember you only need to help one team. Your essay should be 2-3 pages, single space.